Trump Leaves The Theater of Absurd

Donald Trump is about to take off on his world tour in a couple minutes. The US President will visit 2 parts of the world, centers of 3 world religions, and 4 capitals. He will take part in a few summits and will meet with key allies of the US. The first stop is Saudi Riyadh, where leaders of dozens of Islamic states will meet.

The last is Italian Sicily, where the G7 leaders will meet. He'll visit Israel, Vatican, and Belgium in between. But in the setting of impeachment talks in Washington, this big trip looks like running away. Valentin Bogdanov reports from USA. The main topic for a press conference after Trump's meeting with the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos could be the logical question of their bilateral relationship. But there's only one foreign state for the US media.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's decision to choose a special advisor for the investigation of Russia's part in Trump's election campaign. Is it the right step or part of a witch hunt? I respect this decision, but it was all just a witch hunt. I don't have any connections with the Russians, not now, not during my election campaign. Zero.

Another New York Times publication feeds the fire, which was started by Trump's enemies. A laid off FBI director's friend told the newspaper in detail, how Comey, who never liked the President, literally hid from him. He didn't want to attend the banquet after the inauguration, so he wore a blue suit. He wore it to match the drapes in the room. When his hiding in the far corner of the Blue Room of the White House fell through, and Comey was found, he thrust out his long hand, so that the new President wouldn't hug him. Comey's odd behavior, which resembled that of a high school freshman, is explained by the media in a very typical key.

Allegedly, Trump was already pushing him to be loyal in the issue of investigating Russian connections. His main contact was supposedly Michael Flynn, the National Security Advisor. Did you ever, in any form, convince FBI Director Comey to stop or slow down the investigation on Michael Flynn? No, no. Next question. There is already a substitute for Comey. Trump has confirmed that the key candidate for the FBI Director's post is Joe Lieberman. The former Connecticut senator is 75. The rest were either unpopular or withdrew their names.


According to Trump, Joe Lieberman will have Congress' support. He is John McCain's friend, with similar hawkish views. Joe Lieberman was also Albert Gore's potential VP pick. The biggest honor for me is that thanks to Albert Gore I became the first American Jew, who was nominated for this office by the main party. No matter how Lieberman's new carrier goes, he'll always be on the chopping block. In their chase for effective images in the informational war against Trump, the US liberal press has lost their touch with reality.

The story with the Time cover, where Saint Basil's Cathedral takes over the White House, became very scandalous. On the CNN website, when talking about this cover, they called the onion domes of the church minarets. Today Donald Trump will temporarily leave this theater of absurd. His 9-day trip covers Saudi Arabia, Israel, and The Vatican. The US President will end his first international tour with 2 summits, NATO in Brussels, and the G7 meeting in Sicily.



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