Merkel and Macron Are Cozying up to China and Russia

One can compare the reaction of the Europeans to Donald Trump's decision about the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement with the effect of an exploding bomb. Europe hasn't yet had time to digest Trump's visit to the NATO summit last week and got a new blow. Our European correspondent Mikhail Antonov will talk about how the Germans and the French are trying to comprehend the new reality.

Trump in the White House. Can this be lived through? If it’s possible, then how? European media, politicians, and analysts are looking for a way. The smell of napalm comes from fresh newspapers in the morning. Trumpocalypse today. We are witnessing the disintegration of the West.

As Angela Merkel stated, Europe can no longer rely on the United States. Perhaps it wasn’t very reasonable to state this publicly, but in this matter, she is 100% right. Everything indicates that we are now witnessing the end of the system within which the US led the world. Mr. Trump's new strategy is the strategy for the destruction of European values and cooperation between countries, based on tolerance and mutual respect. Someone has to stop this man.

The US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement is another nail in the coffin of the modern globalization project, as Europeans see climate control as one of the key instruments for its regulation. There is a version, and Trump adheres to it, that in Europe, heavily deprived of fossil fuels, people are so worried about global warming in order to downplay the competitive advantages of the United States. If you remember the history of ecological pacts, not the fact that the current American president pulled out of the agreement seems strange but the fact that his predecessor, Obama, even signed it. But the disappointment is growing bigger.

The Chancellor of Germany still restrains herself with great difficulty, but the President of France actually spoke in English. To all scientists, engineers, responsible citizens, disappointed with the decision of the US president, I want to say that in France you will find yourself a second home. The decision of the United States causes a deep regret and I’m still holding myself back in expression.


In general, as it was said in Munich while having a beer, it’s important to determine fate on our own and to look for new allies. It hasn’t been done for a long time. If Merkel is being serious, if the United States really can no longer be called an ally on which we can rely, then where can we find a new partner? What should Germany do? We have already forgotten how to get acquainted. Should we publish an advertisement in the newspaper? A good country, 68 years old, is looking for a wealthy partner with broad shoulders and a lot of money. Our hobbies are football, cars, separation of waste, tattling on our neighbors.

But, joking apart, the roles have already been assigned in the tandem of Merkel and Macron. The Chancellor of Germany takes care of China. The French President is trying to establish relations with Russia. It’s easy for him to wipe the slate clean. He only needs to overcome some teenage complexes. A

s for the Eurasian direction, Europe’s prospects are hot without global warming. Previously, they were ignored because of politics, now it makes sense to think. Merkel's phrase about the inability to rely on others was seen by Europe and the US as the beginning of a new era. Since 1949, all the Chancellors have relied on the alliance with Washington.

For 68 years, the US was considered to be a reliable partner of West Germany. Despite all the foreign policy mistakes and miscalculations of Americans, no one has ever challenged the US leadership role that the country played in the free world. This time has come to an end. The USA today is ruled by the president, who feels more comfortable during the dance with sabers surrounded by Saudis than around his partners in NATO.

Trump is likely to give the Europeans a reason to doubt his reliability. Lobby in the defense industry, the Rust Belt, the ruins of Detroit, and the trade imbalance, which in relations with Germany alone has amounted to $16 billion since the beginning of the year, knock at his heart and the Oval Office. But the Europeans don’t understand Trump's desire to "restore justice". They are used to thinking of any imbalance and the Americans driving Mercedes cars as a payment for blind obedience.

The unwillingness of Trump to maintain this status quo shakes the tectonic plate beneath the Transatlantic. The hope is that it shakes and stops. The relationship between Germany and the United States is really complicated, but the United States is wiser and higher than this conflict. Therefore, I am sure that we will definitely return to good relations between our countries.

Now, this is possible only without Trump, who remembers how he was being insulted during the election campaign and who understands how allies, whom he openly considers swindlers, want his impeachment. And the fact that the impeachment is possible, adds a human dimension to the political conflict. If they are destined to live through me as a natural disaster, let it have the most devastating consequences for them.

Angela Merkel would win most of all from an early solution of the "Trump problem" by the American Congress. Because for her, this conflict is out of place. In a month, the G20 summit will take place in Hamburg. The most unpleasant surprises could happen there, and the election campaign in Germany deprives the Chancellor of maneuver freedom and a simple opportunity to remain silent. She will have to defend national interests in the most rigid form in a field of anti-Americanism that is completely unfamiliar to her.


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