Putin And Comey Double Slapped American Liberals

USA sped up hysteria around the usual Russian mythical involvement into elections. Congress interrogated FBI's former Director, Comey, who allegedly investigated Trump's connections with the Russians, and then was fired by the President. The Senators thought there was a reason for that, and called Comey up.

Counting on a sensation, TV channels changed their broadcasting schedules, and millions of people were in front of their screens. Both were disappointed — Comey didn't have exposing facts, but there were way more discoveries from Vladimir Putin's interview with Megyn Kelly. She interviewed him in St. Petersburg and it finally aired in the US. What fragments of the interview were censored and why the poor hostess was critiqued so much? Valentin Bogdanov reports with details.

For the new NBC star, Megyn Kelly, her first Sunday night broadcast became truly phenomenal. Her interview with Vladimir Putin gathered a record 6.1 million viewers. Only American Football has a bigger audience. She went to St. Petersburg with the thought, that the Russian President loves to be challenged. Kelly thought the ball would be in her court. But the technique of hitting the same spot let the journalist down. That spot was the alleged interference of Russia into the American election.

Therefore, if someone, and I am not saying that it's us, we did not interfere, if somebody does influence in some way or attempts to influence or somehow participates in these processes, then the United States has nothing to be offended by. Who's talking? Who is offended that we're interfering? You, yourselves interfere all the time Stubborn Kelly had to bring up hackers twice to Putin. The Russian President started during the common debate at the St. Petersburg Forum. To make it more comprehensible, he drew the most obvious analogy, which completely ruins the idea of a conspiracy theory.

There are 17 US Intel agencies at once in their hands. What fingerprints? Say prints of hooves, horns, whose prints are those? About IP addresses, you can just make them up, do you know how many specialists are there now? They can make it so that it will be from your home address. Your children sent it. Your youngest three year old child. It's organized so that precisely your three year old girl made the attack. Such specialists now exist in the area of technology that they will make up anything, and then they will accuse anyone. But these words were twisted, too.

Someone even saw threats behind these words. Like, what else is there to expect from a former KGB officer? But Kelly was the one who brought this up in the interview. Yes, some people thought this was a hidden threat, since he mentioned my daughter Yardley and the fact that I have 3 kids. I took it differently, because, the audience doesn't know this, we spent about an hour together, with the Indian Prime Minister, Modi. We exchanged different information, about ourselves and our families. He openly spoke about his family. This was off-record, so I won't give in to more details, but he spoke lovingly about his family, and I spoke lovingly about mine. So I took his comment as a reference to our earlier conversation, off-camera. He was very polite and kind, so I took his comment the way I suppose it was meant.

They didn't forgive Kelly the warmth towards the leader of the country that is still seen as the main threat for the US. If before the interview with Putin, critics were unhappy with the clothes, such as an open dress for $990 and high heels, which looked too frivolous, right afterwards, they disliked the content. The Hill's publication is more useful if read between the lines. It seems that Putin almost recruited Kelly. It was probably naive for NBC to think Kelly could actually stand toe to toe with the KGB-trained Putin. But Kelly was clearly over matched by the steely Putin, who was seemingly bored most of the time. Kelly kept trying to get Putin to admit in conscious "disruption" and "interference" in the 2016 American elections, but never defined what exactly she meant by those terms. The colleagues are grumpy, too.

The comedy show hosts are gloating. They show footage of her from when she was on Fox News. Meaning, the real Kelly would get to him if he were dead. But the current one, with a salary over $15 million per year, is not the same. So this is how it works. I'm the host, you're the guest. With all due respect, you sound like Osama Bin Laden. You have no idea what you're talking about, you cannot have debates about this. Kelly's failure, as an interviewer, was also explained by the short footage, only 10 minutes. The rest of the news was about shadow pharmaceuticals and dying elephants.


Oliver Stone's verdict on Kelly was that "she was like a machine gun." Based on his conversations with Putin, he made a movie with 4 episodes. I think she was attractive and she asked hardball questions, but she wasn't in position to debate, because she didn't know a lot of things. The reproaches from the American media towards Kelly should just be addressed from her enemies to themselves. McCain's image of Russia, which is now so common in America, doesn't allow to deeply determine the reasons for the consequences.

The topics are dictated by the screaming emptiness of loud headlines. How can you not ask about Michael Flynn? All the viewers of CNN and NBC, along with the readers of New York Times and Washington Post decided that Flynn is almost surely a Russian spy. You and I, you personally, we have a much closer relationship than with Mr. Flynn. You and I met up yesterday evening. You and I have worked all day together. We are meeting yet again at this moment. When I came to the event at our company, Russia Today, and sat down at the table, next to me there was a gentleman, and someone else was sitting on the other side. I made a speech, we talked about something else, then I got up and left. For this photo and for the meaningless conversation with Ambassador Kislyak, Michael Flynn was fired from the position of Trump's National Security Advisor.

Putin joked, that the journalist, who personally spoke with the Russian President, in such a situation, should be sent to jail in America. But the viewers didn't hear that. Out of the 20 minutes of dialogue, less than half was aired. But Flynn isn't the only victim of the witch hunt. Lately, they've been getting close to Trump's son-in-law. Jared Kushner was allegedly too free in his contacts, too. So there were no meetings between Kislyak and somebody from Trump's staff? No clue! I am telling you honestly. That’s an ambassador's routine job. Do you think, an ambassador from any place in the world or from the US reports to me daily as to whom he meets with and what they discuss? It's just absurd. Do you even understand what you are asking me? Maybe Kelly understood, but she couldn't get away from the cliff notes where all the latest myths of US politics were packed.

According to it, the Russian Ambassador in Washington isn't an ambassador, but a leader of an entire spy network. The majority of people who believe this are on Capitol Hill and in the liberal press, which couldn't even interview Kislyak for half a minute during all these months. It's like he's locked in a fortress and never comes out. That makes the words of the former FBI Director, James Comey, more valuable, when he testified under oath about the so-called Russian investigation. What is the relationship between the Russian Ambassador in the US and the Russian intelligence services? He is a diplomat, the head of the Russian Embassy, where a large part of Intel employees work. And of course he is aware of the actions of some of them in the US. But I don't see him as an Intel officer, he's a diplomat.

Comey's testimony was considered as a preview for impeachment by Trump's enemies. But the more the laid off FBI Director spoke, the more they realized that Comey had nothing, besides his anger towards the President. Trump didn't ask to stop the investigation, the US President isn't even a figure there. There's nothing to compromise him with, either. When he was a candidate, they tried to play the female card. It was Megyn Kelly, who after the Republican's comment on her aggressiveness, was eventually in the epicenter of the scandal. You've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. You think we should elect a man like that to become our President? A blunt Trump was a convenient rival for the stubborn journalist. He was predictable. But everything went the wrong way with Putin for Kelly, from the very beginning.

The cameras during their conversations at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, where the Russian President's responses were bright and aphoristic, often caught a woman's look, instead of that of a star, over the shoulder of the Indian PM. She even heard it from her colleagues for a few one-on-one smiles. The reason for this sudden interest was provided by Kelly upon her return to New York. Off camera and privately, he was very warm and welcoming to me. He asked about my family, told me about his. This wasn't for the cameras, but one-on-one, he was very sweet. But on camera, he was the same Russian President we all know. He was decisive, adamant, gutsy, and passionate. He was the Vladimir Putin, that the Russians love so much. Why Russians feel this way — the Americans will never know.

The last answer from the NBC interview was also cut out. It's too different from the simple template used by the American media, when the question "Who are you, Mr. Putin?" was asked 17 years ago. What do I feel? I feel this live, direct connection to this land, to its history, to this country. You said that you've been in St. Petersburg for several days. Yesterday, I had a conversation with Indian Prime Minister. He visited the Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery, where almost 400,000 residents of Leningrad are buried, most of them civilians. They died during the Siege of Leningrad, during World War II. They starved to death. And buried in one of those graves is my older brother whom I've never seen. And I will never forget that, just like I will never forget the state in which this country was in the early 90s.

This means that trying to teach the country that went through so much, picturing it as a super cyber nation and a ruined territory at the same time, both of these images coexist in the heads of American politicians, is a task without an outlook. In all other cases, Russia is prepared to talk to those who address her, in a language, understandable to the other party. ...this is our message. Impressive viewership ratings of the NBC interview of the Russian President, with the burst bubble of James Comey's testimony, is a double slap to the opinions of American liberals. In spite of all the efforts of the pro-democratic press, a regular voter didn't care much about hackers from Russia. Time to announce the witch hunt season closed.


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