Washington Believed Its Own Propaganda about Syria

There is still no chemical attack in Syria just because Assad was warned about the consequences in time. This was stated by the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis. But the American ships with cruise missiles in the Mediterranean Sea and military aircraft based in the Middle East are in full combat readiness. Meanwhile, the whole USA is following the exchange of harsh statements about Syria. The ratings of the fictitious TV stories about Russia's interference in the election are breaking historical records. Valentin Bogdanov reporting.

In Washington, they believed their own propaganda. First, they made up that Damascus was preparing a chemical attack. Then, when it didn’t take place, they made it their own merit. The head of the Pentagon was recorded on the way to Brussels. James Mattis flew to a meeting with his NATO counterparts. It seems that they took the warning seriously. They didn’t do what they were preparing for.

US's Permanent Representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, echoes him. In fact, according to the data that the American intelligence has, no conclusion can be drawn about the preparation of an attack using poisonous substances. The Reuters agency was anonymously informed about it by an American official familiar with the reports from Syria. But the aircraft from the carrier George Bush and Tomahawk missiles from the two US Navy patrol ships and cruisers in the Mediterranean are already targeted at the Shayrat Airbase. The news is being savored on CNN.


Journalist James O'Keefe continued to expose double-faced CNN employees in the second issue of his "American Truth" as well. The political commentator of the channel, Van Jones, is another person who doesn’t say what he thinks and doesn’t think what he says. Other presidents also tried to say something good and warm about Russia but not at the moment when our country was actually attacked. Not on the studio camera, but on the hidden one, Jones, who is so worried about the alleged Russian interference in the affairs of the American democracy, was much more frank. What do you think will happen this week with this Russian story? Oh, the whole Russian story is rubbish. — Really? — Yes. But is it only on CNN alone that they deliberately swap truths and lies when it comes to Russia? A Fox News anchor, Carlson Tucker, made a list of fakes.

Last December, The Washington Post trumpeted about the Russian cyber attack on the US energy system. The portal slate.com issued a material about the secret server connection of the Trump’s company with Russia. On the C-SPAN TV channel, they assured that hackers connected with Moscow also attacked them. All three stories were fictitious from beginning to end.

Partly, it's about something ominous, about a conscious decision to tell the viewers what they want to hear, even when you know that the central story isn’t true. Viewers can be different. With or without powers. Some simply turn off the channel. Others can send their people to known addresses. Just recently, FBI agents came to talk to the houses of the US-based employees of Kaspersky Lab. The formal motive was that the bureau simply wanted to know what data was being sent to Russia. The Senate Armed Services Committee immediately suggested that the Pentagon should be banned from using the Russian antivirus software.

Russia suspects the US and its allies from among the Syrian opposition in the preparation of a new provocation. This was stated today by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova. There is specific data on attempts to stage a chemical attack in two Syrian settlements, Saraqib and Ariha. The scenario is well known after the April provocation in Idlib. And later, they used it as an excuse for a missile strike on the Shayrat Airbase. This time, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the same thing is being prepared.

The Western public will be shown some "evidence". It may be shell holes, it may be some obscure, skipping footages that were allegedly taken during the incident. In social networks, there will be a lot of photos of people corpses. The goal is obvious, to revive the topic of the so-called "regime crimes", to undermine the political process which started in Astana, to put the situation in Syria to the same deadlock created by the rhetoric of the West that Assad should leave. Spectacular videos of the provocation, according to Zakharova, are ready. And the next steps of Washington are calculated.

The April strike on Syria has already led to the growth of Trump's personal rating. In Moscow, such actions of the US are seen as not only anti-Syrian but also as anti-Russian. The new administration of the White House uses the old scenario, invented under Obama. In 2013, a similar provocation in East Gut almost became an occasion for a full-scale intervention of the Western countries in Syria.

Only the resolute position of Russia saved the Middle East from a great war with catastrophic consequences. Moscow proposed a step-by-step plan for eliminating Syrian chemical arsenals. And now, Assad is accused of using chemical warfare agents, which he hasn’t had for a long time. According to some reports, well-known fake producers, the ”White Helmets”, are shooting something secretly in one of the morgues in Syria. And the United States is ready to attack the country.