An American Comedian Showed the Real Russia

Another confirmation of the extent to which the Russian topic is a springboard for taking off to the top of the ratings, is the show of the comedian, Stephen Colbert, famous in the United States. The "Russia Week" show with his participation was launched on the American CBS channel. He visited Russia himself to find traces of Donald Trump. Our own correspondent in the United States, Valentin Bogdanov, will tell you about what he found and shown.

The way to the heart of American TV viewers and, at the same time, to the tops of the ratings lies through the Russian topic, as the American TV specialists believe, not without reason. Following this lucrative fashion, the star of Late Show on CBS, comedian, Steven Colbert, went to Moscow. Red Square.


During the Soviet Union era, we, Americans, were taught that there was an epicenter of evil here. Do we live in the times of a new Cold War? Let’s ask the caramel frappuccino, which I bought in the neighboring building. It’s also because of Colbert that the current times in the United States were called exactly that way.

Donald Trump and his supposed connections with Russia are favorite subjects for jokes in his comedy show. The next shooting point in Moscow is the Ritz hotel room. There, according to the information from a fake dossier, which was poured on the heads of voters after the election, Trump had fun with prostitutes. Of course, under the supervision of special services. When you're in this room, I don’t know how to describe it, it’s soaked in history.

Colbert called St. Petersburg the hometown of the current head of the American White House. During the white nights, the comedian decided to look for hackers on the streets of the second capital. I'm a mathematician. A mathematician? Useful for a hacker. Are you sure that you aren’t a hacker?

The host from the USA rode a self-balancing scooter, bought corn on a cob, and talked to a fisherman. Everyone whom Colbert met, greeted his jokes with pleasure, demonstrating self-irony. Americans have recently been told about a different Russia. After all that I said about Vladimir Putin, I must be crazy to go to Russia. So, stop it. I'm in New York. How else could I have an American hot-dog or a New York Times issue in my hands? Stop, please, you can’t shoot here. Gracias, señorita, but I have to go to a basketball game.

The heroine of this fragment is a journalist, Tatyana Lukyanova, who works in the USA. During the trip, she helped Colbert as a producer. He really liked it, he is impressed with Russia, with people, in particular. He said that they are very kind, intelligent people, smart ones. He was amazed by the level of erudition of an average Russian he talked to.

Now, the unexpected discoveries are made by the audience. Colbert’s travel notes have been on air on CBS all week. The popular comedian clearly didn’t make a mistake choosing the topic. His Late Show was nominated for the Emmy Award in six nominations. He’ll see later what’s next. Inspired by the trip to Russia, Stephen Colbert even announced that he intends to run for US president in the next election.


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