Lavrov Comments on the American-Made Mess

The risks that the conflict between the US and the DPRK will escalate into a military conflict are very high. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov talked about it at the "Territory of Meanings" Forum on the Klyazma.

According to him, Russia is concerned about the statements made by both sides, and is doing its best to avoid a significant loss of life. The minister also spoke on other pressing foreign policy issues. Alexei Petrov has the details. It's a full house. Everyone has a question for Sergey Lavrov. 


And today, naturally, this is about the most pressing topic — the situation on the Korean peninsula. There is a growing conflict between the DPRK and the USA. Do you think it will escalate into a serious military showdown? The risks are very high, especially given the rhetoric. There are direct threats to use force.

At the same time, US Secretary of Defense Mattis reiterated that it will involve a large number of casualties. Pyongyang also claims that it intends to strike the American military base on the island of Guam. I think that when things escalate to the point where it's almost a fight, it truly takes a strong person, a smart person, to take the first step away from the dangerous line.

The actions by the US is an attempt to maintain its influence, despite the fact that it's no longer possible for the US to expect the whole world to continue singing the same tune. Lavrov sums up. Russia has a different approach. The contribution that we always try to make to international affairs is always positive and constructive — we always want to achieve something. And that's why it faces rejection from those who do nothing but preach. Those who want to advance their interests by applying some sort of theory of controlled chaos. They figure that the more troubled the waters, the easier it will be for them to catch fish.

But big policies are written by individuals. “Was Kerry easy to talk to?” “Do you get along with Tillerson?” This is what they ask the foreign minister. They are different people. As far as I can tell, they're both defending American interests in a way that each of them deems appropriate. Actually, I am open to working with any partners. It is essential that we not just continue talking, but actually start reaching agreements. So far, instead of agreements, there are only sanctions. How long will the sanction war with the US last? It's difficult to guess the duration of this situation. Apparently, this won't end tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Everybody knows that we won't do anything at the expense of our own interests. But we're always ready to negotiate.

In our country, back in the day, when the merchant class was born — they'd just shake on it, and there was no need to sign anything. This is one of the features of our people. What we promise, what we agree to, we always fulfill. And these principles of Russian diplomacy have remained unchanged. The hour and a half long conversation with Sergey Lavrov is more confirmation of how fast the "Territory of Meanings" has become an influential and authoritative platform. Each year, leading politicians and experts gather here. The forum will last for about another week, and it will obviously be no less eventful.