Change in Plans: US Waffles on its Official LGBT Stance Under Trump

The USA changed shoes in flight. The United States, known for its struggle of sexual minorities' rights, voted against the resolution condemning the death penalty for homosexual relationships. The document was considered by the UN Human Rights Council. Therefore, the US position caused astonishment, followed by indignation. Stanislav Bernwald tried to find out why the stance changed overseas.


During his electoral campaign, the American President has repeatedly stated he'd try to reverse the same-sex marriages federal law, adopted under Obama.

Donald Trump: "If I am elected, I will do everything possible to bring people to the Supreme Court's collegium who might be able to change things. However, it will take time. I do not agree with the Supreme Court decision. Same-sex marriages should be a state issue, not a federal one"/

Domestically, Trump is hindered by internal political forces and never-ending scandals, no time to think about gays. But internationally, US rhetoric towards sex minorities has taken shape.

Nikolai Alexeev, Head of GayRussia.Ru: "It's not Trump administration's first hostile move towards LGBT community. Prior to this, he banned transgenders from serving in the US army. This is his second step indicating that his promises to the LGBT community don't come true, and his words don't meet his actions. And it's not only about this issue. It's regrettable that the US side didn't support this condemning resolution, as, obviously, it's not about gay marriages or something, but about the right to life".

It's noteworthy that the question discussed at the UN Human Rights Council was much broader than the death penalty of homosexuals. It was about the abolition of the death penalty for minors, mentally ill, pregnant women. The death penalty should not be used as punishment for apostasy, blasphemy against God, adultery, and same-sex relationships by mutual consent. And the most tolerant corner of the planet voted against this all.

Sergey Sudakov, political scientist: "The USA is changing dramatically, let's face it. Their policy of tolerance ended with Trump's coming to office. Now the USA is declaring to the world that, being the promoters of tolerance and equality, the country that actually started the freedoms in all dimensions, is now destroying this freedom".

But the Russian most famous fighter against gays, MP Vitaly Milonov, is not at all surprised by the position of the US.

Vitaly Milonov, MP: "He changed his shoes in flight. He did so several times, Mr. Trump is a true acrobat. Their political marriage, which they concluded in the Middle East with a number of totalitarian states where homosexuals are hanged, stoned, in general, it is framed as certain political support. Human rights are important, of course, but human rights defenders keep silent when a strategic relationship with partners is at stake".

The State Department spokesperson had to answer uncomfortable questions about the US position. Again, it turned out not very convincing. And it was not very clear, which is very American, at the least.

Heather Nauert, State Department spokesperson: "The US regrets having to vote against the resolution, and unequivocally condemns the use of the death penalty for homosexual relations, and would support the resolution if it concerned only such cases. However, the UN resolution is much broader, and the US does not agree with some of its provisions".

Mrs. Nauert didn't specify the provisions with which the American administration disagrees. Meanwhile, in the Middle East and Africa dozens of death sentences are carried out every year for homosexual relations. Pregnant women are executed for apostasy in Sudan and a number of other countries.

Stanislav Bernwald for Vesti.


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