Trump’s Wheeling and Dealing With North Korea Might Lead to War

The US President Donald Trump continues to wrap the North Korean issue with a sinister fog. Strangely, he discussed his secret plan with his generals, along with the first lady and the generals' wives, probably with champagne.

In the end, yet another tweet, full of daunting uncertainty, followed: "Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, made agreements and paid massive amounts of money, but none of this worked, agreements were violated before the ink was dry, making U.S. negotiators look like fools. Sorry, but only one thing will work!".


When journalists asked Trump to elaborate on what he meant by that "one thing", he evaded the answer. Anyway, if it isn't a bluff, clearly, the USA is ready to act independently, without consulting or interacting with anyone, as if there were only the US and North Korea on the planet, and they were back to square one, crossing out all previous experience of mankind. What a spooky story.

Trump acts like a young politician, meaning a hothead quick-tempered novice, free of knowledge or restraint. Well, politically, he's young as prior to the White House he never worked in public positions, with his field of interest being real estate, entertainment and gambling. This Trump's experience seems to be burdensome for the planet. It looks like a bad game, an American roulette, where the arrow can suddenly point to a nuclear war.

Commenting on the situation, the threats and political chaos around North Korea due to the lack of global coordination because of the US, Russian President Putin told journalists on Wednesday: "In 2001, I think on my way to Japan, I stopped in North Korea and met with the current leader’s father. Even back then, he told me they had a nuclear bomb. Well, yes. Moreover, he said that even with relatively simple artillery systems they could easily reach Seoul. It was when? In 2001. Now it is 2017, and the country exists under constant sanctions. Instead of an atomic bomb they now have a hydrogen bomb. Instead of primitive artillery systems they have medium-range missiles with a range as far as 2,700 km and even more, 5,000 km. Has anything changed? Is this really the way to solve the problem? No. President Trump and I discussed it during our meeting. I understand that what is taking place in North Korea is annoying. I get that. We condemn North Korea's actions that undermine agreements and UN Security Council resolutions. But we believe that this should be handled in a different way".


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