Lavrov: US Provokes Kim Jong-un to Strike First Against Japan and S. Korea

Washington is dragging Japan and South Korea into provocative maneuvers. But these countries will be the first to fall victim to a war, if it breaks out, has said the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry in an interview to the Belarusian TV channel STV. Sergey Lavrov has stated that in September the USA promised not to conduct maneuvers, and Pyongyang stopped missile launches. But Pentagon reneged on its words.


Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister: "Suddenly, a week after this signal from the US, it declares extraordinary maneuvers in October instead of spring. Then, in November. Now they have declared maneuvers in December. They seem to have been pointedly provoking Kim Jong-un for him not to take a break, but to lash out at them, at their provocations. So, condemning Pyongyang's nuclear gambling, we can't help but condemn our US colleagues' provocative behavior. It's regrettable that they're trying to drag Japan and South Korea into it, which you were right to mention as the first victims of a war if it is unleashed on the Korean peninsula".