Yet One More State of the Art International Airport Inaugurated in Russia

A new terminal has opened in Perm airport: Bolshoye Savino. So far, it serves only domestic flights but in the new year will work with international lines. Maxim Pekker evaluated the advantages of the new air harbor.

All eyes are turned toward the first passengers entering the new terminal. A nice surprise, says Alexey Fakeyev, from Moscow. It always feels nice to be greeted with presents.


Alexey Fakeyev: "I fly almost every day and believe me this airport is impressive".

The grand opening was hosted by the Russian Minister of Transport, Maxim Sokolov, the presidential envoy to the Privolzhsky Okrug, Mikhail Babich, and the region's governor, Maxim Reshetnikov. Results were evaluated and prospects discussed.

Maxim Sokolov, Russian Minister of Transport: "The region has great potential. And I'm sure the dynamics of passenger traffic will correspond to its investment, tourist, and business potential of the region".

The name of the terminal chosen by a popular vote was announced today. The majority voted for the familiar Bolshoye Savino. "Hooray! The choice of the people of Perm Krai has been announced!" The construction of a three-story terminal is part of the Russian transport program. It's the largest project that's been financed by private investors and cost 5 billion rubles.

Mikhail Babich, presidential envoy to the Privolzhsky Okrug: "The airport is not only a crucial element of infrastructure but also the main attraction for potential investors to develop the investment climate. The airport is our business card and the entry gate to Perm Krai".

Inside there are escalators and elevators. 20 check-in desks, and 4 luggage lines. The total area of the complex is almost 30,000 square meters, which is four times larger than the old building.

It's one of the most advanced Russian projects. The new terminal will serve up to 2 million people per year and will serve up to 9 airplanes at the same time.

Well, as for the surprises, today there were plenty. The first passengers were greeted by musician Vladimir Kuzmin.

Maxim Pekker, Alexander Robustov Vesti, Perm