Medvedev Answers Question on All Westerners’ Mind: Will He Run for President?

Journalist: Last question. Do you like being Prime Minister? It seems that you do. How do you see your future? I kept beating around the bush but, in the end, I decided to just ask you straight.

Dmitry Medvedev: I thought about this and I will give you almost the same answer that I gave before because this is an absolutely sincere answer. I always, that’s how lucky I’ve been in my life, I’ve always liked what I do. When I was a student, when I was a graduate student and a young teacher, when I started practicing law, when I began to deal with some business issues. After that, I was invited to Moscow and I started working in the presidential administration. Then I became the head of the presidential administration, went to work in the government. Then I was elected president of the country, and now, I am again the head of the government. This has all been exceptionally interesting work. It is, without a doubt, a huge challenge, and, on the other hand, it brings me satisfaction. In this regard, I consider myself to be a happy person because this is quite an interesting job. So what’s next?


We’ll continue serving Russia. Precisely because I not only like the work that I’ve been doing during my entire working life but because I just like living and working in the Russian Federation. By the way, I want to finish not with questions addressed personally to me but with some familiar words, as we have already met 10 times in almost the same format.

Today is the last day of autumn. The New Year is definitely just around the corner. Despite the fact that active celebrations haven’t begun yet, Christmas trees are already appearing here and there. Our people are already beginning to prepare for the great New Year holidays, therefore, I want to take this opportunity, dear colleagues, I want to heartily congratulate you on the coming New Year and to congratulate all the citizens of our country, to wish them happiness and health.