Unstable Saakashvili Calls Ukrainians to the Barricades for Maidan 2.0

In Kiev, another large protest campaign, organized by Mikhail Saakashvili’s party, has come to an end. His supporters, about 2.5 thousand people, marched along the Ukrainian capital’s streets and then arranged a rally near the Verkhovnaya Rada.

This action was broadcast by the only news channel, News 1, and by the end of the rally, it became known that the editorial office’s work was blocked by people in military uniform.

The journalists themselves relate the incident directly to the broadcast.


Vesti’s correspondent Vladimir Sinelnikov will tell more about what happened in Kiev.

"President Poroshenko must resign". This is the slogan of the protest in Kiev organized by supporters of the former Odessa Region governor, Mikhail Saakashvili. They are very determined. They don’t have even the slightest sympathy towards the president. Many of them are carrying caricature portraits of Petr Poroshenko, picturing him in prison clothes and behind bars. Most of the event participants hold signs saying "impeachment". As the event's leaders explain, the reason for such a negative attitude towards President Poroshenko is the critical consequences of his rule in the country. The population impoverishment, the social standards reduction to the level of the Africa’s poorest countries, wild corruption, the establishment of total lawlessness system. Here are the results of 3.5 years of Petr Poroshenko's presidency. Participants in the rally don’t see any other way than to get rid of such an unpopular president.

Mikhail Saakashvili: "The Ukrainian middle class has an enemy, we have an enemy. Our enemy is the oligarchy and the oligarchs. Our enemy is the oligarchy and an oligarchy representative, President Poroshenko. To win over the oligarchy’s dictatorship and, in conditions of freedom, to establish the Ukrainian middle class dictatorship. The people of Ukraine will establish their dictatorship".

This action became one of the most popular in Kiev over the past few years. This shows the popularity of the idea of President Poroshenko’s impeachment, even if Saakashvili himself isn’t that popular among the population.

Petr Poroshenko has every chance to become the most unpopular president in the history of Ukraine, having bypassed in this sad rating even the former President Viktor Yushchenko. According to the latest public opinion poll, President Poroshenko's rating in the election is less than 10%.

Vladimir Sinelnikov, Vesti, Kiev.


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Рыбке вызвали скорую

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