Russia is Laying Groundwork for Large Muslim, Jewish and Christian Refugees Return to Syria

Russia will help not only Christian refugees but also Muslims and Jews, to return to Syria. This was said today by Vladimir Putin at a meeting with delegations of local Orthodox churches that gathered in Moscow.

He noted that many organizations are currently helping Syrians to establish a peaceful life, and the Russian Orthodox Church, together with the Roman Catholic Church, are creating a catalog of destroyed Syrian temples to be restored later.


Vladimir Putin: "During the years of the war, terrorists killed or drove out from their homes tens of thousands of people. Many Christian churches and monasteries were looted and destroyed.

However, the situation in this country is gradually changing. The Syrian armed forces, supported by the Russian military, liberated almost the entire country from terrorists, including places historically populated by Christians. For years, the Russian government and the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as other religious organizations, have been providing humanitarian aid to the victims in Syria. It's important to establish a peaceful life there as soon as possible, so that people can return to their homes and begin rebuilding their churches.

I believe that a working group established by the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church can play a very important role in the return of the Christian population to Syria.

We will also help representatives of other religions, including Islam, who, as we know, have also suffered at the hands of militants, terrorists, and extremists.

We will also help Jews. Some Jewish organizations have already asked us to help restore the Jewish temples. We are in contact with representatives of the Jewish community of Syria, namely, with some of its Jewish organizations, and in the United States, including those in New York. We will work together on this problem".