IOC Move to Ban Russian Flag From the Olympics Stirs World-Wide Controversy

The Russian team has been denied the right to compete in the Pyeongchang Olympics under the Russian flag.

The decision of the IOC aroused various reactions in the world. Some approve of it, others call it too harsh and think there are political reasons behind it.

Canada is looking forward to the Russian response.

Alyona Pivkina studied the feedback from abroad.


"Blatant injustice" is what many foreign athletes call the decision of the IOC to ban the Russian team.

The Olympics got drawn into politics, has said Rulon Gardner the American wrestler who won the 2000 Olympics. The coach of the Swedish hockey team called Russia "the Olympics' favorite." He's sure that the Russian hockey players can defeat any rival under any conditions. Three-time alpine ski champion from France Jean-Claude Killy has stressed that Russians have a perfect right to compete under their national flag:

"Nothing in the report by Richard McLaren proves the state support for doping in Russia. At least, I have no such information. Clean athletes must not be prevented from competing in Pyeongchang under their country’s flag".

By all means, the American media couldn't ignore the issue. New York Times calls the decision of the IOC "unprecedented" and thinks the measures against the Russian athletes are too severe.

Canadian media are looking forward to the Russian response. They are sure that the counter-moves are just a matter of time.

Canadian media: "Nobody expects the Russians to quietly digest these punishments and walk away. Alexander Zhukov said that his country would appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. But experts already assume that Russia will likely find the legal route difficult".

WADA President Craig Reedie finds the decision to be just. He said that the Russian team was rightfully punished for manipulating the doping control during and after the Sochi Olympics.

Despite that, the Internet users all over the world support the Russian athletes. In less than 24 hours, the hashtag #norussianogames became the most popular one on the Internet.

Alyona Pivkina for Vesti.