Russian Ambassador Disarms Lying American Press in Candid Interview

Russia offered the US cooperation on international security issues. This was relayed by the ambassador of our country to the US. Anatoly Antonov gave a detailed interview to the American CBS television channel. He answered even the most provocative questions, giving a personal example of how Moscow is open for the dialogue.

Valentin Bogdanov is reporting on the conclusions Washington drew.


Joint struggle against terrorism, nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, negotiations on nuclear disarmament. Russia and the United States could have been tackling these problems for a whole year if there had been no anti-Russian hysteria that was unleashed in America after the victory of Donald Trump.

In this sense, Anatoly Antonov, ambassador in Washington, is on the front line. Our diplomat disarms the American journalists with his openness who use stories about fictional hackers or the connection of Trump's headquarters with Russia to get higher ratings. He's ready to talk on any topic, like in his interview with CBS.

Margaret Brennan, CBS News correspondent: "How do you possibly get past the mistrust around the 2016 election?"

Anatoly Antonov, the Ambassador of Russia to the United States: "It's very difficult to try to find a black cat in a dark room where there is no any cat at all".

Margaret Brennan, CBS News correspondent: "You're saying there's no story there?"

Anatoly Antonov, the Ambassador of Russia to the United States: "There is no any proof regarding Russian interference in your election".

A few hours before this conversation, Trump's ex-adviser, Michael Flynn, admitted that he had lied to the FBI about his negotiations with the previous Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. Flynn became the first member of the Trump administration who was criminally charged in an investigation conducted by special prosecutor Mueller.

Margaret Brennan, CBS News correspondent: "What do you make of that? I mean these are serious charges involving your previous ambassador -- that complicates things".

Anatoly Antonov, the Ambassador of Russia to the United States: "Yes. He is a smart talented diplomat. And I am surprised that some media decided to accuse him of espionage".

Margaret Brennan, CBS News correspondent: "Well, this is the FBI".

Anatoly Antonov, the Ambassador of Russia to the United States: "Come on, you say that".

According to ABC, Trump gave his adviser the command to ingratiate himself with Russia while still being a candidate. In fact, everything happened in December, and Trump had been the elected president for a month. As a result, the management of the television company removed Brian Ross from the air, who, in pursuit of a scoop, damaged the American stock market and the exchange rate of the US dollar to the Euro.

Valentin Bogdanov, Ivan Utkin for Vesti from the USA.


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