Putin and Erdogan Agree Trump Made a Hasty Decision Appointing Jerusalem the Capital of Israel

The solution to the Syrian conflict, and the deterioration of the Middle East situation – these topics came forward at the latest negotiations between Putin and Erdogan. Russian and Turkish leaders met in Ankara.

Yekaterina Mironova reporting on the statements made.


The meeting of Vladimir Putin and the Turkish leader Recep Erdogan in Ankara lasted for more than 2 hours. The scope of negotiations was initially narrow, then it was expanded. Right after the meeting, the leaders came out to the press to make statements on the topics of the discussion.

In particular, they included the situation in Syria and the ways of the political settlement in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Vladimir Putin stressed out the Turkish contribution to the reconciliation process.

Vladimir Putin: "We are working together on the Syrian National Dialogue Congress which will take place at the beginning of the next year. It is planned that its participants will discuss vital issues for Syrians, like the aspects of the political future of the country, the adoption of a new constitution, so as to organize elections under the UN's control. We assume that the Congress will enable us to intensify efforts to resolve the Syrian conflict, within the framework of the Geneva negotiations. As the guarantor countries of the Astana agreement, we continue to work on the consolidation of the cessation of hostilities, the sustained functioning of the de-escalation zones, the promotion of the confidence between the parties to the conflict. We agreed to continue the fruitful coordination in the context of the preparations for the Syrian Peace Talks in Astana which is scheduled to take place at the end of December 2017. I'd like to point out the positive contribution of the Turkish Republic and personally President Erdogan in the process of reconciliation".

The status of Jerusalem became another topic of the negotiations. Let me remind you, that the USA recognized that city as the capital of Israel, while its eastern part is claimed by Palestine. Russia and Turkey consider such moves destabilizing.

Recep Erdogan: “The USA made a move which disappointed Muslims, Christians, and also Jews. Over the course of the recent days, four Palestinians were killed in clashes, while the number of those injured has risen to up to 2,000. Israel regards it as a chance to exert more pressure on Palestine.

Vladimir Putin: "Both Russia and Turkey consider the US Administration's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the US Embassy there does not help to resolve the conflict in the Middle East. Moreover, it only aggravates the situation that is already deteriorating. This move might obliterate the prospects of the peace process. We, the Russian party, assume that the peace process should incorporate merely and fully the decisions that were made beforehand within the United Nations. The exact parameters of the agreement on the status of Jerusalem should be the subject of direct Palestinian-Israeli negotiations".

The economic relations between Russia and Turkey were also a part of the agenda. The leaders mentioned, that over the last 10 months, the amount of trade between two countries had increased by more than 30%. Apart from that, Putin and Erdogan especially noted joint projects in the energy industry.

Vladimir Putin: "We're starting work on the construction of the first Turkish nuclear power plant, Akkuyu. The construction of Turkish Stream pipeline is progressing on schedule. We plan to build two lines on the floor of the Black Sea, with the capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters per one line. The implementation of this project is sure to enhance the energy safety of Turkey, and to diversify the international supplies of Russia's natural gas".

During the press conference, Recep Erdogan said that in a week, Moscow and Ankara would finish working on the contract on the supplies of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile complexes.

Yekaterina Mironova, Alexander Antonov, Vesti, Turkey.


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