Kiev’s Mercenary “Sich∎ Thugs Prevent Orthodox Christians From Worshipping at Holy Monastery

In Ukraine, Ultras gangs are preventing worshipers from entering the caves of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. It's become known, that about 30 people in masks blocked the entrance to the monastery. They were holding flares and initiated a fight with the security. The signs in their hands said, "Down with the FSB!"

About 25 priests of the Lavra came out to call for order, but as we see, they didn't succeed. Moreover, according to the local media, the reason for the action was the refusal of the priests to perform funeral services for the military who died in the Donbass, namely those who were not baptized in churches which didn't belong to the Moscow Patriarchate.


It's also known that the rioters are the members of the Sich, a radical nationalist organization. Sometimes, its name is written as С14. Sich members formed a battalion which is notorious for rampaging in the Donbass.

I would add, that the USA included this organization in the Global Terrorism Database last year.