Assange in Peril: Ecuador’s MFA Caves to UK Demands that Embassy Enter Negotiations

In order to resolve the Assange issue with Britain Ecuador is looking for an intermediary according to its Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ecuadorians call the position of the founder of WikiLeaks "unstable". Nevertheless, while Assange is in danger, he will not be deprived of asylum in the Embassy of the Republic.

Alexander Khabarov reporting from London.


The British press claims Ecuador is going to kick out the founder of the WikiLeaks Julian Assange from its embassy in London. At least it's what press expects from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador Maria Fernanda Espinosa. She said that Ecuador would like to negotiate with the UK in order to escape the deadlock and is searching for intermediaries for the negotiations.

Maria Fernanda Espinosa: "We have repeatedly discussed this issue and we're trying to find a way out of the situation. We also consider the possibility of resolving the situation with the help of a third party".

Assange has been hiding in the embassy of Ecuador for more than five years. He fled here on bail after in 2012 the British court made the final decision to extradite him to Sweden where at that time the founder of WikiLeaks was accused of crimes of a sexual nature. Despite the fact that Sweden dropped the accusations last year and even earlier the UN experts proclaimed the prosecution as illegal the founder of WikiLeaks still does not leave the embassy territory. He fears that he will be arrested by the London police for violating the bail conditions.

Assange repeatedly stated in an interview that after the arrest he could be handed over to the American authorities. According to Assange he is being persecuted by the US that can't forgive him the publication of the data on the US military crimes in Iraq. the publication of the correspondence of the State Department and other documents that shed light on Washington's true policy including its own allies in Europe.

In the USA, Assange is now accused of having also allegedly interfered in the election campaign by publishing materials that compromised the loser Hilary Clinton.

According to the British press that the new Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno is dissatisfied with Assange because the founder of WikiLeaks was ostensibly asked to refrain from criticizing Ecuador's allies but he did not obey and spoke recently in support of the Catalans who were violently denied an independence referendum by the Spanish authorities. Although in fact, President Moreno clearly stated several months ago that Assange will remain in the embassy until his life is no longer in danger.

Thus, everything depends on whether the British authorities are ready to compromise. The British government once again stated that it does not yet agree to make concessions:

"The government of Ecuador knows that the way to resolve this issue is for Julian Assange to leave the embassy to face justice".

For now, everything remains unchanged. Yes, the police aren't patrolling the area but the building of the Ecuadorian embassy is being secretly observed 24/7. If Julian Assange attempts to exit or escape he will be arrested immediately.

Alexander Khabarov and Ilya Mordyukov Vesti, London