Ambassador Antonov: The United States is Trying to Exclude Russia From World Talks

- Half a year ago, you presented credentials to President Trump. At that time, many Russians hoped that Russia-US relations would improve. But instead, as we all know, the diplomatic buildings were seized again and now — a new wave of sanctions. How could you comment on the actions of the USA?


Anatoly Antonov, Ambassador to the US:

- As a person who's working here with a large team I'd love to say some positive things. I'd love to say that a miracle will happen tomorrow and the Russian-US relations will improve. However, assessing the actual situation I'd say we have tough times ahead. We'll have to live in the current circumstances. And right now, we're not absolutely sure that our relations couldn't get worse. I've been thinking: What's the main issue of our life and work here? I'd say, one of the aspects is the unpredictability of our partners.

You never know what will happen tomorrow and how they might act. On the one hand it's clear that no global issue can be resolved without Russia. The US realizes that. On the other hand, they do everything possible to encumber the relations between Russia and the US impeding our work here and the resolution of the very same global issues that make America suffer. First and foremost, the international terrorism.

It's frightening that the US has recently started building different multilateral alliances without Russia. These alliances are convenient but have no future. Here's what I mean. Recently, the US and some other states met in Vancouver to discuss additional pressure that can be put on North Korea. Russia and China were invited as our Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said "to sit on a tip-up seat." We were invited to come in the evening. They might have poured us a cup of coffee or tea, given some snack. But we weren't invited to the meeting. They promised to tell us their final decision and what Russia had to do.

The same get-together, I can't call it otherwise, was held in Paris where the group of countries gathered without inviting Russia or China to discuss the illegal use of chemical weapons. By the way, what legal use can it have if it's forbidden? Once again, it's an initiative, a partnership of about 20 states. And once again, Russia and China aren't present. This policy of the US is a fake partnership: They invite Russia only when they need us. And if we express the opinion which is different from the American one they instantly conduct some meetings without Russia trying to solve the issue without us. It won't do any good.