Washington is Shooting Itself in the Foot: Iranian Parliament Universally Condemns US’ New Sanctions

In Iran itself, Washington's decision caused utmost indignation on all levels.

What will be the Iranian response and about the mood in the country is in our special correspondent's report from Tehran, Aytadzh Dzharchieva.

Even before Trump's statement, Tehran stated that they're ready for any decision by Washington, and they don't think it will affect the life in the country. As Iran notes, the state complies with all the obligations that it took up, and the US president's statement they call a groundless violation of an international agreement. Though there were changes in Iran after the Trump's statement after all: since Tuesday, many foreign banks cards stopped working, transactions via the Western Union system are not working either. The USA threatens to restore sanctions to full power by the beginning of November. Tehran states, that the USA will regret this decision.


Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran: "I've told many times: don't trust America. The US president made a speech with foolish and tenuous comments. He lied in his speech more than 10 times. Mr. Trump, I speak to you from the Iranian people: you made a mistake".

A resolute attitude is shown by the Iranian people too, on the streets of the capital: a mass protest in front of the ex-embassy of the USA.

"America can't do anything it wants, we, students, as the representatives of the society, are ready to rebuke decisively".

As a mark of protest against Trump's statement, Iranian politicians burned the American flag right during the parliamentary session, accusing Trump of not having mental capabilities to solve problems.

Ali Larijani, Speaker of the parliament: "America, unfortunately, is ruled by an egoistic amateur in politics. Isn't it shameful for a country, which makes a claim for the world leadership? Now, even their allies are trying to talk them out of making foolish actions".

The situation around the Iranian Nuclear Agreement is in the spotlight for the whole world. Sergey Ryabkov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister arrived today in Tehran for talks.

Sergey Ryabkov: "Right now, we need to consolidate the parties of the agreement and find forms of how to provide a guaranteed survival of the deal and realization of its every term without the USA. It's possible, though it's very difficult. We discussed this matter with the Iranian colleagues, we will discuss it with the European ones".

Iran has already stated that they are ready for negotiations with international partners about the survival of the agreement after the USA leaves it. At the same time, Tehran noted that they have prepared a proportional plan of responsive measures to Washington's decision. The details are kept secret. But they note that they are ready to any development.

Aytadzh Dzharchieva, Azhdar Ibragimov, specially for Vesti, Tehran