What Has Trump Wrought? New President Continues Honored American Tradition of Flaunting Intl Law

By tearing up the Iran nuclear deal Trump actually offers the world to nullify international law. From now on, any agreement signed by the USA isn't worth anything. Now Trump believes that he can walk away from this. It gives the impression of being on the level of absolutism, like, "I've made up my mind. I possess classified data or here's a video, like from the White Helmets, and I'll fire missiles without figuring things out or tear up multilateral agreements, or expel dozens of diplomats, or seize diplomatic properties".


Need some public explanation? Sure, whenever I feel like it. Like, the previous administration was wrong, Look how unreasonable John Kerry was. He went into a bicycle race at 72 years old, fell, and broke his leg. Can such a person make a good deal? No, he can't. He’s a bit too old to be riding his bike so recklessly. But he did. Look, how frivolous Kerry is. Could he have made a good deal? Kerry made us a bad deal. And we need a good one.

Such distinctive argumentation and style: short phrases, repetitions, simplified assessments from flowery "magnificent", "excellent", "horrible" to primitive and binary "good" or "bad". And everything is about deals. It's like business: if it's beneficial to the US, the deal is good. If it's not, it's a bad deal. It's clear that the current president of the USA doesn't have the word "compromise" in his dictionary. Has anyone ever heard this from Trump? Compromise? I haven't. Or, as we say, "mutual interest"? Not that one either. What about mutual respect? Equality? Neither of those either. There aren't any such words in the White House's dictionary now. What is there then?

"You don't pay enough. You need to behave responsibly. Or it will cost you. And we'll impose sanctions on you. We're sending a signal. We're being very tough on Russia. Nobody has ever been tougher on Russia. Negotiations with Moscow? Maybe. I don't know when. There's something to discuss, but some other time. Right now I'm just changing the Secretary of State, the National Security Advisor, the Director of the CIA, and dealing with Korea and Iran. America First. American exceptionalism".

And around and around and around. There's a whole set of these. In doing so, they don't even explain all of the risks to the public.