Fascinating Take: Russian Anchor's Views on New Pro-Migrant President of Mexico

Mexico became another shattered store window of Neo-liberalism through which one can clearly see the ghost of civil war.

Obrador is running for President for the third time. In 2006, his victory was stolen with silent approval from the northern neighbor. Even the multi-million rally in the sun and rain called the Cactus Revolution didn't lead to a recount. Obrador lives in an unprivileged neighborhood, drives a cheap car, and travels on regular planes with two unarmed bodyguards. If would be odd if Russian hackers and special services weren't blamed for his popularity. However, Andrés Manuel sees it as a joke.


López Obrador, presidential candidate: "Here I am in port Veracruz again waiting for the Russian gold-loaded submarine to surface because they told my campaign was funded by the Russian government. I guess, from now on, my name is Andrey Manuelovich and I live off Moscow's gold".

"The main threat to America is not Russia as we used to think but Mexico. Its government supports illegal migration sending its poor people here because it's cheaper than taking care of them in Mexico. And now they're to elect a left-wing president who said, I quote: "I will defend the rights of all migrants on this continent and in the world." He also added that one of the inalienable human rights is the right to enter the USA".

Obrador's opponents launched a campaign against him that reminds us of the Russian elections in 1996, with a motto that seems funny today but sounded ominous back then: "Buy some food for the last time".

John McCain, US senator: "If the Mexican elections were held tomorrow, we'd end up with a left anti-American president".

Despite his photo shoots with the European left-wing and calls for the nationalization of the Mexican oil company Pemex, Obrador can't be called a radical. He's not a Mexican Chavez but rather Brazil's President Lula, who's currently balancing between prison and re-election after Dilma Rousseff got impeached.