Daraa Depot Uncovered: Massive Weapons and Ammo Cache Left Behind Prove West Funded Terror

Leaving Daraa Governorate, Syria, militants abandoned hundreds of units of weapons and tons of ammo. Few servicemen saw so many armaments in one place. American, British, and French MANPADS and infantry fighting vehicles are likely to have been delivered here through the border with Jordan.

Alexander Bilibov is reporting on what else the terrorists have abandoned.


There are hundreds of units of various armaments and tons of various ammo. Although it's a military square in the city of Izraa, there have never before been so many weapons here. In military terms, these guns recently aimed at the Syrian Army. Now they are a trophy. Terrorists abandoned part of ammo while leaving the settlements after they defected to Damascus. Part of ammo was handed over to the government troops when terrorists accepted the conditions for reconciliation.

The militants' most powerful weapon is armored vehicles. These Soviet T-64 tanks were abandoned at the battlefield by retreating Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists. Now, this military hardware belongs to the government troops as a trophy. The vehicles are a bit damaged. But they run and drive, and will jump into action against terrorists after maintenance works. There are almost no hand-made weapons. Most of the weapons were produced at a factory. One can learn geography by the producing countries, primarily NATO members.

Izar Ismail, Syrian Army General: "These weapons are of American, British, and French origins. Some items come from Israel. Jordan is nearby, so terrorists are likely to have delivered weapons through its border".

Assault rifles and heavy machine guns, over 100 man-portable rocket launchers, over 1,000 mortar shells of various calibers, as well as about 1,500 boxes with ammo and bullets; mine detectors and communications tools. All of them were made in the Western countries.

Isa Altun, Syrian Army Colonel: "We've found these comsets in the militants' headquarters in Al-Ghariya Al-Gharbia. Israelis are reported to have used them to control the Al-Nusra Front. Now it all belongs to Syrian communications units".

These are anti-tank guided missile systems. These are high-precision, effective, and very expensive weapons. Judging by its label, it was made in the USA.

The militants' military field medicine was fine as well. Their groups had American medical packs. Each of them has all the necessary to give first aid to a soldier on the battlefield. There's a very nice garrot, syringes, ampules, and other medication. It's interesting that everything has a label "Made in the USA".

Beside military vehicles and equipment, militants left several tons of food. There are food packages in these boxes. Despite these trophies with Western labels, the USA, and its allies keep claiming that they don't back terrorists in Syria. But the facts are obvious. And they show the opposite.

Alexander Bilibov, Sergey Truskov, and Mikhail Yemelin Vesti from Daraa Governorate, Syria.