Russia Urgently Needs Trash Reform: New Sorting and Recycling System to Be Implemented

Starting on January 1st, Russia will adopt the garbage reform. Every Russian region will switch to the new waste management system that changes the rules of the collection, sorting, recycling, and disposal of garbage. Separate garbage collection will be one of the key elements of the new system.

Yaroslav Krasiyenko with the details.


"We put the glass into a separate container".

This sorting facility in Moscow Oblast is considered to be the most advanced. But even here, manual labor is required as the machines can't do all the work. Garbage piles are growing. Facilities like this one will work more efficiently. The Russian regions are switching to separate garbage collection. From now on, two types of trucks will serve each container spot Gray trucks and blue trucks. Each will take only certain types of wastes from gray and blue containers respectively.

Provider companies will be in charge of the waste disposal process. There are over 200 of them.

Ruslan Gubaidullin, CEO of Clear Land: "Previously, people had to pay to property management and there was no clear price. Now, the rates are clear and people know what they pay for".

The regions are opening information centers where one can make a contract with a provider or re-negotiate the rate.

Sergey Ivanov, Special Representative of the President: "Naturally, different regions will have different rates. The government realizes that. It introduced possible dumping measures to fund the rates".

Over a couple of months, the Lipetsk regional provider purchased new trucks and containers.

Olga Ziganchina, PR specialist: "We prepared a program of Eco-lectures and green quiz games. We hope that our efforts will help the younger generation build garbage management skills".

Plastic and organics go into separate containers. This facility in Tver Oblast transforms the most poisonous waste and plastic into these granules.

"These could've gone to a landfill. We've recycled them and returned them to our industry".

The nation-wide garbage reform should resolve the issues that have been piling up for several decades.

Yaroslav Krasiyenko, Viktor Mamayev, and Oleg Dobin Vesti.