Haitian People Demand Resignation of Government, Ask Putin For Humanitarian Intervention!

Schools are open again, universities are holding lectures, and people are being urged to go to work. However, rallies, though of smaller scale, continue. It all started 12 days ago in Haiti. People demand the resignation of the government and ask for intervention from none other than Vladimir Putin. The reasons for the unrest are obvious: a high level of inflation and ubiquitous corruption. Protesters call their own government a puppet regime of the USA, which blatantly and intensively interferes in Haiti's economy and government.

Varvara Nevskaya will reveal what's going on there and if a compromise is possible.


Judging by the local headlines, massive unrest in Haiti started more than 10 days ago. And if you dig a little deeper and read the news that reaches the rest of the world every now and then, you'll know that frequent protests started more than 10 years ago, reaching their historic high just now. They shout "Freedom" in Creole as they burn the US flag to the applause and cheers of the crowd. It's not even about symbols or metaphors, but a direct consequence of what's going on in the country. Despite the fact that the US invasion of Haiti officially ended 85 years ago after the US troops were withdrawn from the country, Haiti is, in fact, still serving the interests of the US all while neglecting its own.

Vladimir Travkin, editor-in-chief of the Latin America magazine of Russian Academy of Sciences: "Haiti is known as an unlucky island for a reason. It has a form of 'tropical capitalism' in which all the problems are extremely acute. There is neither adequate healthcare nor decent education. The unemployment rate is very high. There's a streamlined system of draining national wealth for the sake of the USA. And Haiti's incumbent authorities can do nothing about it."

They can't do anything because all the presidents in Haiti have been loyal to the policies imposed by the US. The policies allow America to hold Haiti hostage with its companies and exploit the country's natural resources. These are monopolies that withdraw all the profit out of the country. It would be impossible for another president to take office without US support. This includes the incumbent.

Egor Lidovsky, political expert: "The thing is that a lot of American transnational companies operate there, exporting goods such as coffee, rum, and tropical fruit made in Haiti and making enormous profits due to the fact that Haitian workers are paid pennies. Their wages are so low that people can't survive".

Protesters are waving Russian flags printed on paper along with pictures of President Putin all while chanting his name. By doing so, according to political scientists, they're trying to attract the attention of the international community to the country's domestic problems. Protesters also ask China and Venezuela for help. They don't see any point in asking their own government for help.

Andre Michel, leader of the Patriotic Movement of the Democratic Opposition: "People are taking to the streets nationwide to demand the president's resignation. At this point, he's not a legitimate president anymore. The people are hereby stripping him of his powers. For us, it means that it's over and clear".

We want Jovenel to resign. Our life is hard, we have nothing to eat. We have neither schools nor healthcare. An attempt has already been made on Moïse's life. Protesters are occupying the square at the National Palace in Port-Au-Prince around the clock. However, he doesn't intend to resign, calling the protesters criminals and drug dealers who are plotting against him. But this version falls on deaf ears. The Haitians' discontent is understandable if we look at the horrible statistics.

Egor Lidovsky, political expert: "This is the boiling point because what's going on in Haiti now is beyond human imagination. The level of extreme poverty, which sees people go on short rations, has already reached 58%. While the overall poverty rate exceeds 80%".

The level of illiteracy in the country is about 50%, meaning that almost half of Haitians can't read or write. Professional education is out of the question. Citizens don't even have access to free health care, clean water, or electricity.

In February alone, during these protests for human rights and better living conditions, as many as seven people have already died with dozens wounded. So far, tear gas and a violent quelling of these protests is the only thing President Jovenel Moïse can offer his electorate.

Varvara Nevskaya, Olga Olvukhina for Vesti.

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