Zhirinovsky: It’s Time to Fire the Incompetent and Lazy Officials! The Russian People Demand It!

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of LDPR:

- There were some new things in the address. For example, the president said that if there are some officials who can't make decisions, who can't meet challenges, then they should step aside. The hall applauded after that. It means that there will be a staff revolution. Those who are weak or can't or are tired will be removed. We can see that all of the provisions of the address are aimed at improving the quality of life. The tax exemption. A plot of six thousand square feet, which millions of people have, will be exempted from taxes. This is the enormous support for every family. Some allowances will be almost doubled. The periods over which the allowances are paid will be prolonged. Each point of the address is aimed at improving the quality of life. There are provisions stating that there shouldn't be schools without water-supply or even sewerage systems. The governors should make such schools disappear. We used to have a provision about territorial doctors. But now we're getting a provision about territorial teachers, and there won't be any age limits. A teacher even in their 50s can receive the allowances, the installation grant, and they can work in the remote regions. The address touched upon domestic policies, like some participants of your talk show have always wanted.


In the end, quite little was said about the relationship with the USA. It's good that Ukraine was never mentioned in the address, as well as some other countries, the European Union, and NATO. It was said to everyone again — let them count the capacity of our weaponry and the target time. It's great — they should really count first before they threaten us. It's a hint to anyone who tries to show off their weapons. Russia never shows off. We don't threaten anyone.

But the president said that today we have the most powerful potential. No one should even think about encroaching on our sovereignty. We're the sole and the most independent country in the world. All the rest are “oinking along” with their master. The part about foreign policy was small so that everyone could calm down. Everything else was about domestic policies, including the landfill sites problem, which we've had since the Soviet era.

- The problem wasn't a part of the consideration for 100 years, as it was said.

- Thank you! It was Vladimir Zhirinovsky from Gostiny Dvor. As a part of the "oinking along", the EU, during the address to the Parliament, prolonged the anti-Russian sanctions on Ukraine related topic, which, we should note, was never mentioned in the address.