Donald Trump is Israel’s Greatest Ally! America Rewards Bibi Bombing Gaza… Again

And let's discuss the sharp escalation of the situation in the Middle East again. At this very minute, Israel is launching strikes on the Gaza Strip in response to the rocket attack which resulted in seven Israelis injured. At the same time, Prime Minister Netanyahu is running the operation from Washington, where another landmark event took place this evening. Donald Trump signed the document on the recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights which Syria considers to be part of its territory. The consequences of this step may also be unpredictable.

In Israel and the USA, our correspondents Sergey Pashkov and Alexander Khristenko are working.


- Sergey, you're now live with us. Sergey Pashkov is in Israel, and Alexander Khristenko is in Washington. Sergey, the situation in Israel is tenser, so let's begin with you. Tell us, please, what's currently going on in the Gaza Strip, what strikes is Israel launching and what objects are they hitting?

- Hello, Ernest. The Israeli Air Force took off an hour and a half ago. Falcons, UAVs, artillery, and tanks are launching strikes on the military infrastructure belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Watchtowers, boot camps, arms depots, plants manufacturing Qassam, and port installations are being hit. 20 minutes ago, from the Gaza Strip, it was reported that the government buildings belonging the Hamas in the center of the Gaza Strip were hit. However, no victims have been reported yet, and this is good news. It means that at this stage, the military operation still can be stopped with the help of Egyptian intermediaries.

But there's bad news from Israel. Checkpoints to the Gaza Strip are closed, roads to the Palestinian enclave are blocked. Bomb shelters in Tel Aviv are open as well. Train traffic was stopped in the south of Israel. It means that Israel is ready for a very serious and long attack. A rocket launch took place before the escalation. It was carried out from the Gaza Strip at dawn. The rocket launched from Gaza flew 75 miles and hit an apartment building 12 miles north of Tel Aviv. It's only by chance that a family of six was slightly injured with shrapnel. A similar thing took place on March 14th when two surface-to-surface rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip to the center of Israel again.

This time and the previous time, Hamas stated that the rockets were launched by accident without a certain military target because of a misunderstanding. However, Israel is very serious about this. It's possible that this escalation, this conflict, will turn into a full-fledged military operation near the Palestinian enclave by the morning.

- Thank you, Sergey. Let me remind you that Prime Minister Netanyahu is running the operation from Washington where my colleague Alexander Khristenko currently is and where Trump has just recognized Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights. I reiterate that Syria considers it to be part of its territory. Alexander, do you think that there's a connection between these events?

- Ernest, the situation in the Middle East is now critically tense. And today's decision by Washington to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights escalates the situation even more, of course. Let me remind you that Syria considers these strategic heights to be a part of its territory. This territory has been considered to be a territory occupied by Israel for decades. And today, Washington completely changes its position. Donald Trump signed the relevant proclamation saying that the U.S. considers the Golan Heights to be a part of Israel's territory. Let's listen to the U.S. president.

Donald Trump: "Today, I'm making a historic action to promote Israel's ability to defend itself, I'll sign the presidential proclamation recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights. The state of Israel took control over the Golan Heights in 1967 trying to protect itself from external threats".

Let me remind you that Israel seized the Golan Heights in the Six-Day War. It's been controlled by Israel since 1967. There's a U.N. resolution stating that this annexation was illegal. There's a U.N. Security Council resolution. Judging by today's events in Tel Aviv and Washington, this international legal act is being simply ignored. Let's listen to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was extremely happy.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: "Mr. President, dear friend Donald, Israel has never had a better friend than you. We had to wait for almost 50 years for our military victory to become a diplomatic victory".

- Thank you, Alexander. I also thank Sergey Pashkov. Sergey Pashkov and Alexander Khristenko were live with our studio from Israel and Washington.


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