US, NATO Bite the Dust! SS-400 Delivered to Turkey, Will Be Deployed Soon!

A new batch of S-400 anti-aircraft missile components was delivered to Turkey. Another three military transport aircraft of the Russian Defense Ministry landed in Ankara. Deliveries of the S-400 to Turkey began on July 12th under the contract signed in the autumn of 2017 and in accordance with agreements between Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The contract was signed for $2.5 billion. They will start deploying the systems in the country in October. The S-400 Triumph is the most advanced air defense system, designed to destroy the means of air attack and reconnaissance, as well as any other air targets. Meanwhile, all of the global media continues to discuss the S-400 deliveries. Thus, the German magazine Focus called it Vladimir Putin's triumph and a geostrategic loss for NATO.

Matvey Popov has the details of the international reaction to the start of the deliveries of the Russian systems to Turkey.

The deliveries of the S-400 to Turkey has been discussed in foreign media for a few days. The German media actively discusses it. Political analyst Thomas Eger called it Vladimir Putin's triumph in his article for the magazine Focus.

“The delivery of the first components of the systems and their assembly with the help of Russian specialists in Turkey is a great victory for Vladimir Putin. His international reputation has become even stronger.”

The author emphasizes that the relationship between Ankara and Washington is far from perfect. And the S-400 deal could even lead to Turkey's withdrawal from NATO, which would be a huge geostrategic loss for the alliance. Another German magazine, Die Welt, wrote that the deliveries of the Russian systems took place despite strong pressure from NATO and Washington. According to the authors, it happened because Moscow's influence in the region is much higher. Die Welt concluded that Ankara thus says goodbye to the West and this could be the point of no return for Turkey.

The Canadian Le Journal de Montréal called the U.S.'s actions absolutely incompetent. According to the authors, the U.S. is facing the consequences of its incompetent policy in the region and thus splitting NATO. Turkish experts also say that the alliance is going through hard times. In their opinion, this is the result of the Americans' mistakes.

Asman Sert, political analyst: “The negotiations between Russia and Turkey on the S-400 began in 2016, not under Trump. Obama's policy with respect to Syria was in effect back then. In Turkish society, after the attempted coup, there was a disappointment because the Americans turned a blind eye to that. The U.S. failed to respond to the threats emanating from Syria. And then, Russia extended a hand to Turkey. We see that NATO is splitting. And this is also a split between Turkey and the U.S.”

By the way, Trump also mentioned the Obama administration's mistakes. According to him, the U.S. under Obama refused to sell their missiles to Turkey. That's why Erdogan turned to Russia. Experts believe that the purchase of the S-400 is the turn of Ankara towards Moscow.

Selçuk Çolakoğlu, director of the Turkish Center for Asia Pacific Studies: “There are strategic and political reasons for Turkey to buy Russian systems. Since 2016, Ankara has had a desire to cooperate in Eurasia. Therefore, many view the S-400 deal as a change of policy. So Turkey is trying to find a balance in opposition to the West.”

Washington still keeps silent. On Friday, when the deliveries began, the Pentagon announced a briefing. But it was delayed several times and then canceled. According to American journalists, this was done after the White House interfered.

At the same time, Bloomberg writes that the Trump administration has already prepared sanctions against Turkey and will officially announce them next week.


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