Moscow’s "Breakthrough of the Year" Competition a Success! New Entrepreneurs Collect Their Prizes!

To be a successful business person after retirement or start your business during parental leave? The participants of the annual competition for entrepreneurs "Breakthrough of the Year" have proved it is possible. The vote for the best project is underway, and Moscow citizens can help the jury make the hard choice.

Marina Bulyga is reporting on unusual ideas that have come true.


"I started my business when I was 60".

Yury Abramovich Belkin launched his start-up in the 90s. Having retired, he entered the free market. Nowadays, all the national health resorts have his balneal baths.

Yury Belkin, medical equipment factory CEO: “I'm an active person, My wife working in medicine, I knew what this field needed. So, I decided to stop making hardware and start making what people needed.”

Mr. Belkin takes part in the Breakthrough of the Year competition. Later in May, the best entrepreneurs in the city will get a prize.

Alexei Fursin, Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow: “We want to create a most positive image of an entrepreneur, make them opinion leaders, make them heroes both for entrepreneurs and citizens.”

Everybody has a chance to present their business. There are 9 categories, including business mothers. Tatyana has 4 kids, the youngest being several months old. But it doesn't prevent her from heading an innovative pharma business. Her company produces nasal drops which can save a person in case of an apoplectic attack.

Tatyana Zubova, pharma company CEO: "If a woman can organize a big family, she can organize production too. I guess it's about self-management, time management".

And this is a grand prix nominee. It's the leading manufacturer of ultrasonic equipment. The company must meet the requirement of high rates of development.

Olga Yarovskaya, ultrasonic equipment manufacturer: "The equipment is in demand. Its high quality is a prerequisite for our growth and rising demand".

The most successful entrepreneurs of the year will be picked by the professional jury and Moscow citizens. They can vote at the Active Citizen website. But now, one still can apply for the competition. The Breakthrough of the Year website will be accepting applications until mid-April.

Marina Bulyga, Andrei Razhev, Mikhail Utkin for Vesti.