The 3M-54 Kalibr Strikes Disrupted the Terrorists From Attacking Palmyra

Russian Frigate Admiral Essen and the Krasnodar submarine struck the disguised militants' positions in Syria with 3M-54 Kalibr missiles. All targets are destroyed. Artyom Potyomin reports from the launch location, from the Mediterranean waters.

Watch how it happened. A group of ships of the Russian Navy goes to a specific grid in the Mediterranean. The sailors don't know the exact time and coordinates for the launch yet. But the frigates' crews are on war footage. The grid, from where the launches occurred, is in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Krasnodar submarine was accompanied by the newest Russian Frigate Admiral Grigorovich. The first combat order came in for the submarine crew. Two 3M-54 Kalibr missiles launched from underwater, just a few seconds apart. It's almost impossible to detect and especially to intercept such weapons. The submarine appeared on the surface only 30 minutes after the missiles were launched.

Next, Russian Frigate Admiral Essen also struck the ISIS terrorists' objects. Before the launch, Moscow informed the commands of USA, Turkey and Israel about the operation and the missiles' routes. High precision missiles struck the militants' infrastructure near Palmyra, the military equipment warehouses and the Islamists' forces.

All 4 missiles struck precisely on the coordinates of the previously detected targets. The footage of the objective video surveillance confirm that. The militants deployed additional divisions from Raqqa. They planned to start attacking the Old Town soon. But, after the Russian military's successful operation, their plans fell through. The Islamists' location was also detected with the information from the special forces. They work on land and give strategic data to the Russian Air Force, who strike from the air. Earlier, soldiers showed that they're prepared to destroy the terrorists from the water as well.


Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu reported about the successful completion of the task to the Commander-in-Chief. The leaders of the military establishment highly praised the efforts of the Navy Fleet, which were able to effectively strike in a timely manner, upon receiving the order. The frigate and the submarine kept watch in the Mediterranean waters.

The length of the 3M-54 Kalibr cruise missile is 6-8 meters. Starting weight is 1200-2300 kg. Range for naval targets is up to 300 km. Kalibr missiles are equipped onto submarines and ships, planes and land-based complexes, including the 9K720 Iskander-K. The Krasnodar submarine of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is a diesel-electric submarine from the Varshavyanka project. Depth of submersion is up to 300 meters. Crew is 52 people. Equipped with air defense artillery, missiles, torpedoes and mines.

The Russian Frigate Admiral Essen is a part of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Can proceed in self-controlled navigation for up to 30 days. Crew is 180 people. Equipped with anti-submarine and anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, artillery and radar systems.


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