Putin and Trump Held the Most Anticipated Meeting

We will start with Hamburg, where today the main events of world politics took place. The G20 gathered to discuss the most critical world problems. The leaders met both at the general negotiating table and individually. One such separate meeting was between the Presidents of Russia and the US. It was particularly awaited for and lasted twice as long as planned.

Even four times as long. There were other unplanned events in Hamburg today, though they were connected with the actions of anti-globalists, who this time are extremely aggressive and have already caused fights in the city. Pavel Zarubin reporting from Hamburg, about the first strained day of the G20. Despite the flurry of events taking place in Hamburg, today, of course, there is nothing more important than the footage of this meeting: Presidents Putin and Trump hold the first full-fledged talks. Thank you very much. We have discussed various issues with President Putin. Everything went very well. Now we will talk, and we expect that many positive things will happen in our relations and for our countries.

Dear Mr. President, we have talked on the phone a few times and on very important issues of bilateral agenda and on international issues. Of course, telephone conversations are not enough. If we want to positively resolve issues on the bilateral agenda, and more important, critical issues on the international agenda, then, such personal meetings are necessary. Today, every gesture, every look, every word was caught. And everything was important, including the last-minute preparations for this meeting. Our film crew had a unique opportunity to see everything with our own eyes.

This is a restricted area, only the G20 leaders can be here. We are now taken to the bilateral meeting between Presidents Putin and Trump. US journalist are here, and only a narrow circle of Russian journalists. In a few meters, it's very noticeable that particularly here, without exaggeration key events of world politics are taking place right now. The lobby of the G20: here on every free centimeter negotiations are taking place. Here we see Turkey's Minister of Foreign Affairs is negotiating with someone. Everything is OK? Yes. Everything will be great. This entire zone is divided between the G20 countries. And formally, the Putin-Trump meeting was held on US territory, so it was the Americans who were responsible for technical issues.

Journalists were crowded into a few square meters. In a few seconds it became known that Putin and Trump have already started the meeting. You see what's going on. With what enthusiasm the journalist are getting through, to the foreign meeting of Putin and Trump. After getting through the gridlock, we get to room #14. Here is the room where the meeting is beginning. Presidents of the US and Russia. The open part lasted only a few seconds. I am honored to be with you, I am very glad to meet with you, we have already discussed a whole range of issues and will continue discussing a whole range of issues. And I look forward to this opportunity. I think this is positive both for Russia and for USA, and for all, and it's a great honor for me to meet with you. I am very pleased to meet you, Mr. President, and I hope, as you said, that our meeting will bring a positive result The first meeting of the Presidents of Russia and the US, a meeting that the whole world had been awaiting for months. It was clear beforehand that after the introductory speech, US journalists would start shouting. They did. And again about elections in the US.

Mr. President, will you raise the election hacking? Right now, in this room #14, the negotiations of President Putin and Trump are continuing, The journalist are quietly asked to leave the room. We don't know how long this meeting will last. No forecast from before was justified. The duration of the meeting exceeded everything that was planned: first an hour passed, then two. Deciding to hold the G20 summit right in the center of Hamburg, the German authorities could not fail to understand what all this would lead to. Only 2 km from the place where the most important politicians of the planet are located, there are real street battles.

The city is in smoke, fires, over a 100 police officers are injured. They ask for help from other federal states and are afraid, that anti-globalists might also strike a blow at Berlin. Police are using tear gas. Bottles are thrown from the rooftops, explosions are heard. Water cannons are coming. Police is starting to use water cannons against the protesters. Some anti-globalists came here with infants, with ear protection on so the baby could sleep. The police isn’t playing. People are bleeding. The most stubborn continue to sit on the pavement. They are hit with water cannons. But look what's left of the huge stage, that anti-globalists put up here at the beginning.

At the same time, in the epicenter of the riots, as if nothing had happened, beer sales continued. No leave us alone, go away. And nearby people are playing basketball. The whole world is guessing who will beat who on the main political court. There is still a lot of key negotiations ahead in the G20, they go one after another. Recently, President Putin met for the first time with the new President of South Korea. The problem of the North Korean nuclear program is, of course, very critical, the main thing here is not to lose self-control, to act pragmatically, very carefully. The North Korean provocation is becoming not only a threat to the Korean peninsula, but also to the whole region of Northeast Asia. The views of the South Korean leader can't be otherwise, but the situation on the Korean peninsula is, of course, a special interweaving of various political nuances. And how many of such interweavings at the G20 summit are yet to come. Pavel Zarubin, Alexander Medvedev, Alexander Makarov, Konstantin Muchnik, and Peter Ravnov. From Germany — Vesti.


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