Europe Moves to Abolish Whiteness - Western Governments Are Trying to Replace the Native Population

Orleans prosecutor office demands 5 years of prison for insulting Joan of Arc not the national French heroine but her new embodiment. Her name is Mathilde Edey Gamassou. She's going to lead the annual celebrations as the Maid of Orleans. Mathilde's origins sparked heated debates in the French blogosphere: her mother is Polish and her dad is Beninese. The critics said the jury was hallucinating and, I quote "abusing the historical identity of the French people that could have grave consequences". Some comments were even more offensive. They were considered racist and discriminative by the prosecutor's office.

There were only a couple of abusive messages but they raised a fuss across the whole country. Even the State Secretary for Gender Equality got involved. She said that Joan of Arc and the French history didn't belong exclusively to the French. It sounds odd but corresponds to the policy of multiculturalism which is being forced all over Europe with its opponents being punished rather undemocratically.


Like in Hungary, where a Capital of Culture contest participant was expelled due to, watch this, "propaganda of white Europe".

Zinaida Kurbatova will tell us more.

- It's not just about the Hungarians, it's also about the crosses, right?

- Crosses and blond people. This controversy was ignored by the Western media and press. The mayor of Szekesfehervar Andras Cser-Palkovics gave an interview to the local journalists, claiming there was no expert council and the jury's decision was influenced by the political agenda. Hungary's most beautiful town was expelled from the list of participants of the European Capital of Culture 2023 contest. The mayor quotes the decision of the European jury.

Andras Cser-Palkovics, mayor: "The movie promotes white and Christian Europe White happy people are dancing in the streets."

Here's the movie. You can feel how the author loves his town. A baker is selling fresh and crunchy buns, the City Hall Square, Szent István Bazilika, Vörösmarty Theater with a Master and Margarita poster. If you look closely, you could see a young black man sitting in a cafe. A Turkish-looking athlete is playing basketball, representing the migrants. But perhaps only we noticed them and the commission didn't? The mayor decided to fight. Backed by the city council, he wants to challenge the jury's decision.

Sofya Metelkina, journalist: "Some political prejudice made them expel the town which angered the locals. My Hungarian friends told me the whole story. They said that Brussels lost all shame".

I quote: "Too many crosses and churches." There's even a happy priest peeking out of a church and the kids are all blond. If the authors wanted to tolerantly film black migrants, they would have to invite them from abroad. Hungary, together with the Visegrad Group (Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia) once refused to accept refugees.

Yuri Kvashnin, political analyst: "Hungary received a penalty. The EU insisted that Hungary adopted migrant quotas but Hungary still refuses to do that and has to pay various fines. It was the conscious decision of Hungary and namely its leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orban."

Just a reminder, 2015 was the year of a refugee outburst in Europe. Thousands of people from Africa, Libya, and Afghanistan flooded EU countries. Hungary repelled the refugee attack. Its borders remained closed. There even were clashes with the Hungarian police. The mayor of a small border town of Asotthalom used to fight almost single-handedly in September 2015.

Llaszlo Toroczkai, mayor of Asotthalom: "We welcome everyone who respects our laws. But if somebody tries to cross our border illegally, they'll end up in prison. As of today, September 15, crossing the Hungarian border is a crime."

Llaszlo created a volunteer militia, who even managed to detain and deport an ISIS terrorist. The mayor says that a crowd of refugees could be contained. The colossal inflow must be useful to someone. Now, the mayor of Szekesfehervar has also gone on the warpath against the EU.

- Thank you. Zinaida Kurbatova on Europe that's too white.