Medvedev: US Sanctions Are Unacceptable and Illegitimate, Moscow Will Respond

The US promotes its commercial interests around the world contrary to the established rules. Washington's new sanctions against Russian companies are unacceptable and illegitimate. Moscow reserves the right to respond. This was announced by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during the meeting with his deputies.

Dmitry Medvedev: "We see an obvious, simple and pragmatic goal — to solve their economic problems in uncompetitive ways. All of these arguments about the bad Russians, who need be punished, is just a cover story. But this shouldn't obscure the economic core of the issue. And that economic core is the promotion of American commercial interests around the world contrary to the current trade rules, contrary to the established order.


Friday's sanctions against our country are, of course, another manifestation of this protectionist policy, but also veiled in this cover story. These decisions are certainly unacceptable, we consider them illegitimate, because they are contrary to international law. Of course, we reserve the right to respond, including existing trade agreements and procedures.

Concerning Russian companies that came under sanctions. It is necessary to consider how to provide them with support. This applies to metallurgists, the energy sector, and trade in the products of the military-industrial complex. I ask those who are here now, as well as ministers and agencies, to offer concrete proposals on what specific support would be possible to provide to the affected companies. And to work out the question of effective response measures by the Russian Federation. There is no doubt that, in a number of cases, they should follow".