Ukraine Amends Constitution - US Military Bases Now Fair Game on Former Neutral Territory!

Russians will not be among the official observers in the upcoming elections in Ukraine. The Verkhovna Rada banned it. In addition to this, the Parliament of Ukraine has approved an amendment to the constitution on Poroshenko's proposal which secured the state's scandalous way of joining the EU and NATO.

On the reasons why it aroused questions in the West and open arguments in the hall, see Alexander Shevchuk's report.

Even before the session, the deputies' bored faces made it clear; voting for major changes in the constitution is a closed issue.


Pyotr Poroshenko: "The Kremlin is keeping an eye on what's going on right now".

But it was Ukrainian deputies who didn't keep an eye on the president speaking.

The course for joining NATO and the EU was announced as the litmus test for defining friends and enemies. The presidential race contenders couldn't miss the chance to promote themselves.

Yulia Timoshenko, presidential candidate: "Today those in power want to use sacred things, Ukraine's membership in the EU and NATO, to cover what they're really doing on the sidelines".

Oleg Lyashko, presidential candidate: "You're going to Europe via Africa. Today we occupy the lowest ranking in medicine, health care, wages, and pensions".

This morning in the Kiev neighborhood of Vinohradar, this footage was filmed of how expired foodstuffs were being snatched up from garbage cans near a local supermarket.

No matter what was said in the Rada today, the voting result speaks for itself.

All of those who criticized Poroshenko voted "for", except the opposition. A clause on the procedure for the deployment of foreign military bases in Ukraine was removed from the constitution. Now, the USA can feel free to expand their military base near Nikolaev, or even build several new ones.

Yuri Boiko, presidential candidate: "It's clear that we won't be accepted into either the EU or NATO. A parliament can't make such decisions for the people while having only 4% of the public's approval".

Yuri Boiko thinks such issues can only be solved by referendum. Besides, the civil conflict in the south-east of the country, like any other, prevents NATO from accepting the country.

Victor Medvedchuk who proposed a peaceful solution, and called today's vote a betrayal of the interests of millions of Ukrainians. Today Brussels backed the politician who was threatened in Kiev with legal prosecution and by an attempted murder.

William Dartmouth, MEP: "The situation around Donbass should worry everyone. We should welcome every attempt at constructive solutions, and not respond with threats".

Steven Woolfe, MEP: "If attorneys or the government think the opinion is unacceptable and they use the police and courts to suppress public opinion, then it's not a democracy, it's a dictatorship".

Dictator Poroshenko, as he was called by a Member of the European Parliament, understands perfectly well that without leaning on his opponents and non-transparent voting he can't win the election.

"To stop Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration".

- Ira, the constitution!

- Oh, f***!

That was Speaker Parubiy addressing the wife of Prosecutor General Lutsenko. She took a wrong report and even swore about it.

The second important law that was passed in the Rada today was banning Russian observers from taking part in the election in March. Washington dropped a hint to Kiev they shouldn't play with democracy too much.

"Ukraine needs ODIHR monitors to prove it adheres to democratic standards. Otherwise, it allows people to question the election".

U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Volker seems to have trouble keeping the Ukrainian government under control.

Alexander Shevchuk, Anna Kolk, Pavel Alexeev, Vesti.


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