Europe Sending Migrants to "Jihadi School" - Prisons Have Become Training Camps For Terror!

About a month ago, the U.S. President, Donald Trump, demanded from the EU to take their citizens who fought on the side of the barbarian caliphate back from Syria and put them on trial at home, as they're terrorists. Indeed, several thousand fighters are now surrounded by Kurd militia troops near the Syrian settlement of Al-Baghuz Fawqani on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river. They don't have any escape routes and the Kurds are merciless towards them. They're transported to Iraq to be sadistically executed by the hundreds with a hurried sentence. It's capital punishment for participation in ISIS. It's that simple.

Meanwhile, the UN is observing its citizens being executed and is waiting with a sense of nobility. They're not rushing to take their prodigal sons and daughters back. At some point in the past, light-minded politicians, some in the context of elections, some with another pretext of opportunistic nature, invited or imported those people or their parents to Europe, and then they fail to fulfill their obligations. Now, they're expressing a paralysis of willpower. As they'll have to put the terrorists they've raised on trial and punish them on their own. At that point, they may get caught in the crossfire. A harsh sentence may provoke a terrorist attack by radical Muslims. A mild sentence may provoke revenge against Muslims by their far-rightists, like the terrorist attack in New Zealand.


Anastasia Popova investigated the subject.

It took judges eight hours to negotiate the sentence. It took five years to prove that the CCTV footage from the Jewish Museum captured Mehdini Mush shooting at people, and not anyone else. He was expected to repent. But it never happened. The prosecutor is confident: he'll kill again once he's released. That's why he'll spend the rest of his life in prison.

He was born here, to a family of Algerian immigrants, in the poorest suburb of France, Roubaix, where almost half of the residents live below the poverty line. His father is unknown, he was taken from his mother when he was 3 months old. Then he moved from one foster family to another until, at 17, he ended up living with his grandmother. He robbed people, participated in armed assault, and then served a prison sentence. In prison, according to the prosecutor, he became an ultra-radical Islamist. In 2013, he joined ISIS.

He's considered to be the first jihadist owner of a European passport who returned from Syria. He was given life in prison for the shooting here, at the Jewish Museum. After the announcement of the sentence, Mehdini Mush grinned and said that his life, although in a cell, was going on. Indeed, he'll be living in his own element. European prisons such as this one are already called "jihad school." Orison confinement is the best place for the brainwashing. That's where people get converted into radicals most frequently and most successfully.

There's almost nothing left of the caliphate in Syria itself. Jihadists are still resisting in the town of Baghus, yet many of them are surrendering. After that, they're destined for trial in Iraq and a death sentence. Jihadists' wives are now going out along the humanitarian corridor, clad in black from head to toes, as Sharia requires. They behave aggressively.

"We'll give birth to more caliphate soldiers".

There're many foreigners among them. They come from all over the world: North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. They willingly fled from Western values in order to join ISIS. Now, in the camp with several children in their hands, they suddenly remembered that they had rights.

"They can't abandon us in this situation. I'm a real German, I still have a German passport on me".

"They treat us here as if we're worse than animals. Do you understand? In the end, we're people, we have rights. I want to go back to my country, I'm a citizen of Australia".

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia: "It's a great tragedy for those who joined the terrorists. They went to a combat zone together with their families and basically participated in a war against Australia. They exposed their children to these horrible conditions on their own accord. It's time to take up this responsibility. I won't risk the life of Australian citizens for the sake of their evacuation".

Along with Australia, Germany, Switzerland, and the USA don't want to take them back. Great Britain revoked their citizenship. France proposed to judge the women either on-site or in Iraq, yet has taken five orphan children born to French citizens out of the camp. Belgium hasn't yet decided.

Pieter Van Ostaeyen, Arab countries historian: "You can't just take children back and leave the women there, you'll deprive children or their parents. It's not right. On the other hand, their parents are radically inclined. Whatever they say now, how they repent, how they didn't do anything bad, I don't believe in deradicalization".

The Netherlands's and Ireland's governments are ready to take this risk and bring these families home. However, they're not the only ones who pose a threat. According to intelligence agencies, next year, France alone will see around 2,000 Islamists released from prison after serving their sentence for connections with terrorists. They won't be able to spy on them 24/7, it would require assigning 20-30 police officers to each of them.

Political flirting with a minority as active as this is useless. They don't recognize either elections or democracy. Yet, they are ready to take revenge for caliphate. Meanwhile, proper programs for their integration don't yet exist.

Anastasia Popova, Ilya Bernadskiy, Irina Kudesova, Denis Lisitsyn, Vesti Weekly, France.


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