What Does It All Mean!? Porton Down Files Found in Dumpster Shed Light on Skripal Case!

Files from the Porton Down military laboratory were found in a trash can in Northern London. It's the laboratory where, according to the British authorities, nobody could walk out with the poison on the eve of the Skripal poisoning. Classified documents are a terrorist’s dream, according to British intelligence agencies. So, they managed to walk out with them but failed to walk out with the poison?

The events now taking place in Britain look like a political nervous breakdown. Johnson claimed that he's prepared to leave the EU without a deal. The British ambassador to the U.S. called Trump "inept", "incompetent", and dangerous. His scandalous correspondence was also revealed. At the same time, in the UK, the lack of understanding of what's going on reached its apex. And all of a sudden, Boris Johnson tried to talk about the triumph of liberalism. But he forgot his homeland's bloody history.

Political analyst Alexander Nekrasov is now live with our studio from London.

- Alexander. So, there's still unrest in Salisbury?

Alexander Nekrasov, political analyst:

- You know, Vladimir, the thing is that those documents were found in the north of London in a parking lot near a big department store in a trash can for recyclables, such as paper and so on. Of course, I noticed that after the first headlines about that appeared, they immediately began to cover that up. Imagine, there are thousands of pages there. Then, they say that they contain data on security, their addresses, some computer codes, and so on. Trust me, there are thousands of pages, from the 1980s to 2017. That can't be so. They immediately began to cover that up. Of course, this is a terrible scandal. Taunts and reminders that Porton Down is the laboratory near where Skripal was poisoned appeared immediately, but it didn't work this time, because it looked terrible. You see, there were classified documents in the amount of... I have no idea how big the folder is, there must be drawers, was taken out of the territory of the classified military laboratory. When I spoke here and argued with different experts, and said that Porton Down is located nearby, excuse me, that was a remark about that so-called Novichok, they didn't believe me and said that it's impossible to take even a pin out of Porton Down without various checks and so on.

You see? All of a sudden, there's a completely different situation. They first briefly reported on that incident. Now, they've completely shut up about it. Of course, they said that the Ministry of Defense is carrying out an investigation. I can assure you that we won't learn anything about that investigation. We won't learn anything about its conclusions. We won't learn who did that and so on, just like we don't know anything about how the investigation of the so-called poisoning is going on. Now, I call it the so-called Skripal poisoning. There is no information at all. There are some leaks, giving no information. There is some contradictory information. They said one thing, then another thing. Therefore, you see, that the collapse began not only in Porton Down and around it. Speaking of the ambassador that you've mentioned, excuse me, but do you know how the British Foreign Office described that incident? They called it "mischievous". Imagine that the ambassador's secret emails and correspondence were secretly sent to a newspaper, and the Foreign Office calls it "mischievous". Then, they say that it isn't a big deal and their ambassador should report things to them as they are. They pay him for that after all. Then, they said that the American ambassador also reports about them. By the way, I can imagine how the American ambassador reports on the collapse currently taking place here.

Do you understand that even this terrible scandal, I've watched all of the news channels, the Americans are simply shocked? They're so shocked, imagine, it was an ambassador. The ambassador behaves so arrogantly. So does the Foreign Office. You see, as they say, they put a beautiful face onto a complete failure.

Actually, it's a complete failure. And I'd like to say that it's been happening for a long time. You shouldn't think that it began some 2, 3, or 4 years ago. It began long ago when those bold campaigns were held, such as the war against Iraq, then against Libya, then the financial crisis, and so on. Corruption scandals were silenced. It's been happening for a long time. It's already reaching its apex. As for that, I'd like to tell you one secret. The new prime minister that will be appointed now, it isn't an election at all, he'll be a scapegoat. It's because the failure is so big that they need a scapegoat. That's why they're choosing a scapegoat now, to whom they'll pass the buck. They'll say that it's he that destroyed everything and is to blame for everything. That's why Boris Johnson and Hunt shouldn't be happy that they now have an opportunity to have power because they'll have hard times.

- At the same time, as I understand, they both hate Russia. But they'll have to take Iran's pretty hard line into consideration. In response to the U.S.'s withdrawal from the deal, it said that it'll increase the enrichment level. So, the world will face another crisis. And to propose the candidacy of Boris Johnson, whom their own intelligence doesn't trust, claiming that he already gave away a few secrets when he was foreign minister. I quote, "he has a big mouth and loose tongue." How can the person, whom their own intelligence agencies don't trust, speak on behalf of the state? It's kind of a strange statement. It means that Boris Johnson will have to either become a scapegoat or try to bring some order. But how can he bring some order when it turned out that he says that it's Putin that wants Britain to not leave the EU? Although not long ago, all those in favor of the new referendum argued that Putin wants Brexit or that he interferes with Brexit. I can't determine now what's Putin's fault before the UK.

- Vladimir, you're right. The thing is that both candidates attack Russia. Hunt has just stated that he'll allocate 18 million to repel Russia's cyberattacks because it allegedly interfered with elections again, this time to the European Parliament. Boris Johnson said yesterday, if I'm not mistaken, that the EU treats Russia mildly and it should treat Russia in a more aggressive manner because it interferes with Europe's and the UK's affairs. Of course, you remember, Johnson attacked Putin personally and Russia in general because it allegedly hates liberalism, which allowed the UK to become such a prosperous country.

As for liberalism, I should make a few remarks. Those liberal democracies go hand-in-hand with corruption. Corruption is an integral part of liberal democracy. It's because the term "liberalism" combined with democracy is a contradiction, first of all, they are incompatible. You see, liberalism is a concept where a person allows himself to do anything. The right to do anything becomes a human's right. When that liberalism interacts with the so-called pseudo-democracy, it applies to everything: the economy, politics, science, education, culture, etc. Therefore, corruption begins to appear everywhere in liberal democracies.

And I'd like to make a remark here and address Russians, our Russian viewers, and say the following. There are people in our country who often easily believe the Western propaganda that Russia is a terribly corrupt country, it's impossible to have any business with it, etc. I'd like to say the following things. First of all, they do it to drive away investors from Russia. Those accusations of corruption being made against Russia, China, India, Brazil, etc. are a tool of economic blackmail and pressure to drive away and frighten investors. That's why I ask you to not pay attention to that. Don't believe it. Our home-spun liberals just borrow that propaganda about corruption and give it to you. And you begin to discuss it among yourselves as if it's a fact. It isn't a fact. The thing is that corruption is a much more complex and prevalent thing in the West. It's more systemic and dangerous. Therefore, when we begin to blame ourselves, and they don't say anything about themselves. They talk about corruption in their countries only in brief. Take 2008. It was a complete collapse of the financial system. Nobody knows how much money was stolen. They talk about hundreds of trillions. Then, there was the next stage — they robbed the taxpayers to save the banks that created that crisis themselves. These are also trillions. Was anyone sent to prison for that? Did any of them lose his "personal" savings? No. They don't say a word about that corruption. They just briefly express some wishes that they need to reform the banking system. Excuse me, it shouldn't be reformed but destroyed, and at least half of them should be sent to prison. Therefore, when we fall for it, we say that many things are wrong in our country, talk about how to fight against corruption, and look at the West. I watched our liberals' speeches on YouTube. They wish they lived there. No, guys, it's even worse here because although it's hidden here, it's way more powerful, prevalent, and more dangerous for the world because that corruption, which penetrated the entire system of Western liberal democracy, that corruption causes wars, which begin in this century.

I can tell you that the wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, always remember about Ukraine as well, are caused by the corruption of the Western liberal system. It provokes all those aggressive actions. Trust me, there'll be new ones. Look at how they're flying around Iran and Venezuela. They're already flying around Russia, Ukraine, and China. Look at Hong Kong. Do you know how awfully they present the events in Hong Kong? It isn't just propaganda. It's simply a kind of provocation of, I'd rather say, a civil war. All those Western information wars against the entire world, Western information wars, they escalate the situation in different countries and provoke civil wars. It's the result of corruption, corruption in politics, in the economy, and even science.

Look at Western science. It's regressing. It turned people into brainwashed robots, who stare at their phones because they can't be alone with their thoughts. They don't have thoughts anymore. And they're constantly looking at their phones to see what they tell them. Is this science? This isn't science. This is a step backward. Therefore, I'd like to explain to people that corruption penetrated the Western system. It influences everything in the Western system. Therefore, when the Western press accuses Russia, China, Brazil, some other countries of corruption, look at those countries, from which they tell that. They simply project their shortcomings onto other countries. I reiterate, it's very important, that accusations of other countries of corruption mean economic warfare against them. This is an ugly thing that should be prohibited by some UN declaration. That Transparency International, to which many observers refer, making lists of the most corrupt in the world, is a lie. As we say, it's sponsored by the U.S. government. I can tell you the figure that I heard. The amount of bribes given to officials and others in the U.S. is over a trillion dollars. It's over a trillion dollars. And this is only what they know about. There's another trillion dollars in the underground economy. That's why to talk about some traffic cop who stopped someone and took a bribe is nonsense compared to that corruption, which destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria, tries to destroy Ukraine, and tries to get all those countries involved into that corruption.

Take the Baltic states, Poland, Romania. I meet with many people here. You see, they're already engaged in that corruption. They used to shout that Russia interferes, that there are gangsters in Russia. Now, it's at a different level. Now, they take a whole country hostage and squeeze everything out of it. Therefore, it's very important to take this into consideration. Liberal democracy is essentially corrupted because this is the way it's designed. If you take the corruption out, it'll collapse. It'll cease to exist. That's why this point is very important. By the way, taking any aspect of foreign and domestic policy of any Western government into consideration is important.

- There are still some nuances. At the same time, it can't justify some of our citizens, especially those working in the state administration, in whose apartments they find hundreds of millions and billions of rubles, appearing as a result of unknown schemes that they roll in. Therefore, we should fight this phenomenon, of course. We should root it out mercilessly. You're right that we shouldn't idealize the West but clearly realize everything that happens. It means that we should not only fight with our adverse phenomena but stop tearing out the hairs on our chests and claim that we've lost everything. Or on one's head, whatever one likes. What most surprised me in England is that the Conference for Media Freedom is being held there. Neither Russia Today nor Sputnik was admitted there. This is a new, amazing understanding of freedom. "Yes, our media is free! And you guys are not admitted."

- Vladimir, there's no freedom of media here. We should look at that in the context of that same corruption, freedom of speech is impossible when there's corruption. How is that possible? I'll tell you the following. Many people claim that privatization was a real success in the West. And it was a disgraceful thing in our country, they destroyed everything, and so on. First of all, privatization was a failure in the West. A complete failure. National heritage was sold out for pennies. There were paid pennies. It was sold to some scumbags, who then returned and asked for subsidies because they can't run their businesses. There were no investments. The infrastructure is collapsing. They're now discussing…

Why does Corbyn say that they need to nationalize them as giant companies which were privatized collapse now? That's why I'd like to warn our Russians that we shouldn't think that it went well in their countries and poorly in Russia. It went disgracefully there, especially in the 2000s, when Cameron came to power, you can't imagine what was going on. When they sold the Royal Mail for pennies, the head of the Treasury was asked why they sold it for three billion when it cost a hundred billion. Why did it happen? He answered that they should have done so, that the banks told them to do so. You see? Just a week later, the Office of Management and Budget stated that it cost at least six billion. It should have cost six billion. They sold it for six. I know the approximate price of that Royal Mail, how much it was, and I tell you that it was 20-30 billion. It was a giant corporation.

- That's a big difference.

- Do you think that it works better?

- No, fat chance that it works better.

Thank you very much.


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