Raising Living Standards: Record Number of Civic Projects Now Underway in 100 Russian Cities

Recycling, clean water, and modern public transportation. These are the projects the state development corporation VEB.RF is launching in 100 Russian cities. Today, the chairman of the company, Igor Shuvalov, met with Vladimir Putin and shared his plans. His main goal is to support the branches mentioned in Putin's May executive order. In addition, special emphasis is placed on enterprises that will be able to export their products.

Alexey Petrov with the details.


The development of high technology and its promotion in foreign markets are the key priorities for the VEB said Igor Shuvalov at his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin: I know that you would like to begin our meeting today with the bank’s support for high-tech exports, which is a key priority at the moment.

Igor Shuvalov, VEB.RF Chairman: In your May executive order, you set out the ambitious goal of increasing exports. Our special project is supporting the Zvezda shipyard, a shipbuilding complex in the Far East. We're working together with Sovkomflot, Rosneft, and NOVATEK ordering ships for their use, for their needs. First of all, these ships help us to build cutting-edge production facilities contributing to import substitution. On the other hand, they will be an export service, including the transportation of energy resources.

- It's good that the bank is involved in this work.

The size of financial investments may reach 100 billion rubles. Soon, money will be allocated for the construction of two new-generation oil tankers. They will be launched three years from now. VEB intends to fund the construction of six vessels. One of the previous projects funded by VEB is the restoration of the airport in Vladivostok. Now, it's a modern terminal that has 27 check-in desks.

Alexander Bobrov, Aviation Commerce Director: "We do about 20 international flights per day, up to ten flights to Seoul, Busan, and Tokyo".

Now, VEB is going to fund multiple city infrastructure development projects. The necessity to create a modern environment was mentioned in the Presidential Address. Here's an example, the Mikhailovskaya Naberezhnaya in Novosibirsk. There's enough room to walk and do sports. It's ideal for holding city holidays and festivals. There are similar projects in other cities.

Vladimir Putin: "What issues do you consider the most important to discuss and for the bank’s work today?"

Igor Shuvalov: “VEB got involved in the development of the urban economy. We are now starting these projects in 40 cities and are aiming at extending that number to 100 of the largest cities in addition to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.”

Support by VEB promotes the development of small business. A small bakery in Kirov: delicious buns, cakes, pies, and khachapuri that fit every taste.

Yulia Grebneva, Assistant Manager: "We've been in the market for over two years. Over that time, our staff has increased from 6 to 50 employees".

A metal processing plant operates in Naberezhnye Chelny. By the end of the year, it'll offer more than 100 new jobs.

Other strategic initiatives by the corporation include urban waste recycling, public transportation development, and creating summer vacation facilities for schoolchildren.

Alexey Petrov, Natalia Lundovskaya Yulia Brilyova, and Laura Polovandova Vesti.


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